Slow speeds Beeliar

Hi All,

I've read on here there's been some issues since the week (which should now be resolved) my connection has actually been off since last week and today was the first day it's been back on and the speeds have been a lot slower than usual.

My old housemate setup the modem in the current position saying it was the best spot for it but the speeds have been getting slower and slower over the last few months to the point we mostly use our 4g phones now.

I'm really not up to speed on what all the settings mean but figured I'd post here to get some more info (and I'll see if I can find a better spot for it)

RSSI: -77.41dBm
CINR: 16.76/13.41(R3/R1)dB
TX power: 16dBm

Modulation: 16-QAM [CTC] 1/2
Data rate: 375 byte/s
RX bytes: 267806723

Modulation: QPSK [CTC] 3/4
Data rate: 375 byte/s
TX bytes: 32158497

Wimax scanner is picking up the following
10 2384500 10Mhz -78.30 16.50/13.30
11 2394500 10Mhz -79.47 19.12/10.39



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

It does look like a fairly poor signal. RSSI is okay, but the CINR is only just > 15. Is there any location where your modem can get CINR of 20 or more? Am just wondering whether there has been reconfiguration of towers/antennas such that the original spot determined as being "best" for your modem might in fact no longer be "best"?

There have been outage issues in the past week relating to interference. This may have caused some towers/antennas to be affected more than others (depending on signal direction), so perhaps the load balancing across the towers is not optimal.

I notice that you are using WiMAX #10 ... the other tower #11 has a slightly weaker RSSI (not significant) and better CINR R3 but lower R1. The large gap between R3 and R1 probably indicates multipath issues (signal arriving via two or more paths, slightly out of phase). I probably wouldn't recommend trying to force the modem to use #11 instead.

If things haven't improved at all by the time you read this, then I think you'd be best to talk to Support and explain to them how speed has been affected. Ask them whether the tower you are connecting to now is unusually highly loaded; also ask whether this is likely to change, or whether there are any other towers that they could connect you to which might perform better.

Sometimes the list of WiMAX signals shown by the modem isn't correct, so it is possible (though a bit unlikely) that they could push you to another tower which better performance. If they CAN do that, then ask for details. Find out what BSID it is and what Frequency. Changes they make are temporary, but it is usually possible to make this permanent by a configuration change to the modem at your end of things.

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