Wimax firewall cpe access resets after reboot

Hi I have a WIMAX router and I'm using it as a howegateway. However the firewall in the CPE access control "allow remote access from WAN" resets to default after a reboot. Unfortunately the power in the area must be switched off daily so that cannot be helped. When this allow remote access from the WAN option is unchecked I lose access to the router and the port forwards to the security and monitoring system I have installed. I'm running firmware version 2.8.8-1.4.4.

Also I check the box and hit apply. I've also did a manual reboot and it stays checked. It's only when the power at the outlet is off for 10 minutes and switched back on does the option return to unchecked default position. All port forwards and other setting remain unchanged.

Has anyone else had this issue?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Never heard of this symptom before.
Anyone else care to comment?
(or maybe test to see if their Home Gateway behaves in the same way?)


ShedPen wrote 1 year ago

Hi Frosty thanks for the comment, but sadly it seems that this must be rare and probably only related to my WIMAX router and not a common problem. I guess I have two options from here. Firstly, I can hard reset the router and re-configure or purchase a new 4G lte modem. If the latter I have two questions regarding an upgrade though. 1. Can I configure port forwards for a home gateway on a new lte and 2. Can I get an antenna to increase range due to low reception on the island I am using it? Sorry if this is the inappropriate place to post these latter questions. I may need to post as a different topic.

Thanks again


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

In answer to your questions:

(1) yes, the new LTE modems support a Port Forwarding function. I am trying to help someone (offline, via email) who is having some trouble getting it to work. But I can report that I have been able to configure a simple port 80 forward from the LTE modem to a web server service on my laptop and have it serve up a page. So I am pretty confident that it works okay.

(2) yes, sort of ... vividwireless won't sell you an antenna ... vividwireless won't necessarily support you if you use their modem with an antenna (if this is required in order to get access at all) ... BUT ... the new LTE modems do have a couple of external antenna ports at the back. There are people on Whirlpool who are doing this, trying out a few different kinds of antennas, to see what works and what doesn't. I can tell you that I have tried with a couple of real el-cheapo, Chinese-made antennas, that were selling for just a couple of bucks on eBay. They were useless. So you would have to buy something reasonably robust, well made, properly engineered, in order to get benefit from an antenna. Having said all that, I can tell you that I am just barely within the coverage area, I get a fairly weak signal with my LTE modem, yet I get full 10Mbps bandwidth out of it.

Going back to your original question about "remote access from WAN" ... I have always thought that this option was purely about enabling administrative access to the modem on port 80 from the Internet (e.g. so as to allow troubleshooting by staff in the Support Team at vividwireless). I would understand if this setting turned itself off.

But port forwarding is a whole different thing. That definitely should NOT turn itself off and/or should NOT lose its configuration after a period of time. Are you completely certain that you need the "remote access from WAN" box to be checked in order for your port forwarding to work?

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