WIMAX problems Ferndale (WA)

Starting several weeks ago, I found that my gateway was losing Internet connection overnight and needed to be restarted nearly every morning. That would have been a bearable nuisance if it had not also led to very slow speeds after restarting. On closer analysis (thanks for your help, Frosty!) it appeared that I was diverted to another channel and BSID, its signal being thousands of times weaker than that from my regular line-of-sight tower.
Rebooting until my gateway "found" the better channel fixed that problem, and I haven't had any more problems for a little over a week.
... until this morning, when the speed would drop down and stay low even when the signal strength showed full power. Even low-res Finance News (http://www.finnewsnetwork.com.au/) would keep buffering.

Yet I cannot find an outage or degrading note on this Forum. The online query I submitted on 21/09 is still unanswered, apart from confirmation of receipt: [Website feedback] losing Internet access [Incident: 160921-001566]



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 50 weeks ago

Hi Pixel,

First thing I would recommend is calling vividwireless' technical support and reporting the issue by phone. Make sure to mention that you'd logged a ticket previously and ensure they link into that. I would be interested to know why they've not answered the original ticket.

It is possible that there is a fault there that they don't know about?

Ask vividwireless whether it is possible that your modem is incorrectly speed-limited for some reason?

Then I think you are going to have to go back to first principles and troubleshoot. Eliminate any possibility of other computers/phones which are accessing your modem and using bandwidth. If using WiFi, try Ethernet cable, to eliminate WiFi interference as a possible cause. Antivirus/malware check. Windows updates.


Pixel wrote 50 weeks ago

Thanks Frosty,
yesterday was ok, so I wouldn't have known what to tell Support.
Today, I resorted first to resetting my PC, in case it was my end after all. And then I read about those multiple sites having had problems today.
Let's hope that fixed it - right now speed is improving again.
Cheers, Pixel.

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