Android Cant detect home wifi

My android device cant detect my home modem.... when im standing like right in front of the modem and tap "Scan Wifi Network" my home wifi SSID (Name) wont show up.... please help!



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

If you have a Gateway modem, the problem is most likely the Channel which is Defaulted to "Auto". The following from FAQ will explain about changing the channel:

You will need to login to the modem to change this channel setting.


Glenm64 wrote 5 years ago

my new HTC android phone cant detect home wifi, fine elsewhere. I read the FAQ but I'm a novice, so please can you walk me through the process. Also I cant even remember the login and password to gateway. Told you I'm a novice!
Thanks Glen


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

Hi Glenm64, OK, the following steps will allow you to change the WiFi Channel.

To access the Gateway modem, log in using the following login info. No capital letters.

Login: admin
Password: admin123

1. Click on orange Networking Icon (Top right)
2. Click on grey WiFi icon (below VOIP) (left side)
3. Under WiFi Setting, look at Channel. It most likely shows 'Auto'. If it shows Auto, click on blue arrow besides it and a drop down window will appear.
4. Click on any of these Channels 9, 10, 11.
5. Click on the Apply button bottom right.

The Gateway modem will reset itself automatically. Just let it go through it's process. You will be automatically logged out, so you will need to log back in to via the above steps and check if the Channel change took effect.

If it did, you should now be able to connect your HTC Android Phone.
Post again and tell us if it worked or not.

Good luck.


Glenm64 wrote 5 years ago

That worked. Thanks heaps
cheers Glen

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