Outgoing mail server?

Can see done help with the outgoing mail server .

I have a westnet email account set up on my MacBook air.

We have wireless vivid Internet in the house.

I can receive email from Mail using the incoming mail server mail.westnet.com.au.

But cannot send any email despite eying a umber of variations for the outgoing mail server, including mail.westnet.com.au, mail.vivid.com.au, mail,vividwireless.com.au, mail.vivifi.com.au. None seem to work. Any clues what outgoing email server I need to put in?



lusciouspimp wrote 5 years ago

Vividwireless does not have a mail server.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

Dennis, luciouspimp is spot on, vividwireless don't run a mail system, so you have to depend on a third-party mail solution. If you have a westnet mail account, use the settings that they provide:


(see the 2nd paragraph entitled "What about if I don't use Westnet for my Internet access?"):

If your email addresses are currently hosted with Westnet Hosting, but do not use Westnet as an Internet Service Provider, the mail settings will differ slightly. The mail settings you will use should be:

• Incoming Mail Server (POP3): mail.yourdomainname.com.au
• Outgoing Mail server (SMTP): mail.westnet.com.au (Server port 2525 or 587)

*** note that the port is NOT port 25 ... it must be 2525 or 587


jasonb2909@gmail.com wrote 37 weeks ago

Hi guys, can I set up with a gmail smtp? I have gmail email and need to set an outgoing mail server for my security system.

I have always used tpg and they have their own mail servers but dont use them any more


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 37 weeks ago

If you go to your Gmail account and click on the settings button (Cog Wheel).
Click on Help, and search for How to Setup Gmail Outlook, you will find the information.

Gmail operates using 2 different email client settings, IMAP and POP.

IMAP communicates between your computer and your Gmail online account. So if you delete an email on your computer or device, it will also delete that email from your Gmail account online.

POP will only delete the email on your computer, you would need to manually delete I from the Gmail online account.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 37 weeks ago

See option #2 on this page:


smtp.google.com is the server; it requires an Authenticated connection on port 465 or 587 using your Google Mail credentials.


SMOBBY wrote 19 weeks ago

Hi I have telstra (bigpond) as my incoming server.. But when connect to Vividwireless I can receive emails but can not send via my out sever mail.bigpond.com ..any suggestions??


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 19 weeks ago

The recommended Telstra Big Pond settings are here:


At a guess, it will be caused by one of the following:

either (1) Telstra BigPond SMTP servers don't allow connections from a non-Telstra network

or (2) Telstra BigPond SMTP servers require an authenticated connection when connecting from outside their network

or maybe (3) you are attempting to send on SMTP port 25 and this is blocked (you need to configure your mail client to use one of the other ports such as 465 or 587.

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