Slow speeds, Morley 6062

Same problem as everyone else is getting, seems to me like congestion as my speeds are fine early on but drop right off to .25mb/s in the evening.
I am in morley 6062.

RSSI: -69.94dBm
CINR: 24.63/20.05(R3/R1)dB
TX power: 25dBm
Frequency: 2308000
Bandwidth: 10000
BSID: f7:e4:11:23:52:00
Dev State: Connected
Mac State: Normal
Uptime: 27152
MAC address: 00:1F:FB:22:0D:12
Please help as this is really getting frustrating.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

Hi Luke,
Yes, your signal looks great. I've had another enquiry from your area, so that lends weight to the suggestion that it is tower congestion. I have an enquiry open with vividwireless about the Noranda/Morley area, so I will add your details to that query now. I'll post back here if/when I get a reply from them.


luke_skip wrote 5 years ago

Thanks a lot for your input Steve, keep up the good work!


Wsmith wrote 5 years ago

Hi I also live in Morley 6062, I have just bought the vivid wireless, I have exactly the same problem, can this be fixed / improved?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

Assuming I am right and this is tower congestion, then yes it should be able to be improved, however that's subject to all sorts of factors which can push out the timeframes (as we've found in a couple of suburbs in particular, when council refused to grant the necessary permissions).

If you can post your modem's MAC address I can add your details to the other two enquiries that I have running relating to this area.


luke_skip wrote 5 years ago

In what sort of time frame are you expecting to know any more?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

I would have thought that I'd get a reply by now, as I sent an original request for info and then a follow-up about 10 days later. No reply usually means that they have nothing to tell me at this stage. I'll keep trying every week or so...


luke_skip wrote 5 years ago

Well it's certainly not any better.
Is there any configuration options for the home gateway that could improve this?
I can never get through to tech support in the evening either which is frustrating to say the least and I start too early to do so before work.
Am I best to just cancel my contract? I shouldn't have to pay for something that doesn't live up to promised speeds right?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

There is possibly one thing that you can try. Its not a vivid-recommended process. But it does help some people. It totally depends on whether your modem can see more than one tower. If it can, and IF other towers are less heavily loaded, then it might work. Drop me an email ( and I will send you the info.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

Luke, I got a response back from vivid about this situation. As best they can tell, its not congestion at the tower. Something else is going on. There is an investigation going on at vivid's end of things to try to find out what is causing it (it affects a number of other people/areas I think).


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

Just an update on this:

I believe that some time back vividwireless wanted to put up a new tower but were blocked from proceeding. So this area is being served by towers a bit of a distance away.

On the balance of probabilities, I would suggest that this is likely to be a case where tower load is the main issue ... and given the history I refer to above, I don't think there is going to be an easy short-term solution.


camille wrote 1 year ago

its 3-8-2016.
I have been with vivid nearly 2 years hardly any problems, the last 4 days no signal except a flashing 1 bar weak as. and the outage 2 weeks ago, ever since bloody 4g lite. I have run some tests of my own, it says vivid wireless is disconnected, I have done this on several different programs, 4 to be exact and they say vivid is diconnected,I have also phoned vivid they have escalated my problem its been going on for 4 days cant do shit on internet, and yes i have reset router, moved router, switched off everything, moved everything, done all i can do. customer service is good, well they are pleasant, but not very helpful, saying we'll get back to you, but Im getting suspicious 3 days to resolve this problem and programs telling me vivid is disconnected. I AM FUMING.

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ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

@Camille, start a new Topic as it will be easier to follow and manage. Don't post on a 4 year old topic.

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