Static Route. How to block Google DNS and Does home gateway support static route?


I have emailed technical support and they don't know the answer.

But, instead of saying that,

  • they just change the goalposts and answer a different question.
  • Hopeless.

    Can you help me? I don't want to use Google DNS and want to block it from being used in the home gateway.

    What do I do?



    Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 3 years ago

    I wasn't aware that Google DNS had anything to do with the Home Gateway, but I will take your word for it on that. Despite that, this is nothing to do with a "static route" anyway. That refers to the route the traffic will take, not to the DNS server that will be used for name lookups.

    Regardless of what the Home Gateway thinks it is doing, that doesn't need to affect your computer. So can you tell me:

    * what sort of computer(s) you are using (what operating system)?

    Typically people use the Home Gateway as a DHCP server, which issues IP Addresses to computers on the local network and tells them what DNS server to use. This can be overridden in a couple of ways:

    (1) change the DHCP config in the Home Gateway, or
    (2) configure the computers with a static IP Address and don't use DHCP


    Static Route wrote 3 years ago

    I use ubuntu.

    This is specifically for people in Australia who use a Chromecast.

    Chromecast hard codes that the device go to google dns, overiding the dns in the gateway.

    One way to beat this, whilst keeping dhcp is to block lookups of specific dns addresses like the and by giving any device that tries to go to that address an unreachable ip such as:

    Can I disable DHCP and use my mediaplayers with specified static IP?

    It is also a privacy issue as in the privacy statement,
    Chromecast AKA Spycast requires ALL web browsing and videos watched to be sent to them. It is probably for market research, yet I don't want that.

    So, can you help Frosty?


    Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 3 years ago

    Well I can't really help with the specifics of Linux; I only have general knowledge of Unix-based systems from years ago (nothing current).

    With the Home Gateway, yes, if you want to turn off DHCP in the modem you can do that easily enough. Login to the web interface, Networking (top right of screen), DHCP Server ... then change Enable to Disable.

    But I am not sure that this will give you what you want. Unless I have misunderstood the problem?

    The default settings for the Home Gateway are that it will use the DNS servers specified by vividwireless. So I doubt that this would have anything to do with Google's DNS servers; it would be using vividwireless' DNS servers. These would also be handed to DHCP clients by default.

    There is a Firewall settings area in the Home Gateway, but this filters only Incoming traffic (from Internet to LAN) and AFAIK cannot be used to filter outgoing traffic. Similarly, Port Forwarding in the Home Gatewy only works in Incoming traffic, not Outgoing.

    So if you are wanting to stop all devices inside your LAN from ever using Google DNS, then you probably are going to have to configure Static IPs on them .... AND ... you are also going to have to fiddle with the internals of their networking to force traffic being sent to and to go to the wrong destination. So I see now why you might want to set specific Static Routes for those IPs to force the traffic away from the Home Gateway and to drop off into "nowhere" instead.

    Whether you are able to do this for Devices (as opposed to regular Computers) is debateable. Mostly I would have thought that Devices/Appliances would not allow you to fiddle with their Networking to that degree.

    Last idea: I believe that the Home Gateway has a telnet interface that you can access. If you drop me an email I can give you some additional information about this. Perhaps you can find a way to 'trick' the Home Gateway out of allowing traffic to Google DNS somewhere in there?


    slucas1979 wrote 2 years ago

    I'm in the same boat and would like to block the chromecast from accessing Google's DNS servers.

    Can anyone tell me how to set it up through telnet?


    dgoddard wrote 1 year ago

    Hi there, I have gotten this far:

    Using a telnet client I access my home gateway. I used a mac program called 'zoc7' and quick connected to my router @ on port 23.

    Then it asked for my login and password:

    login: admin
    password: admin123

    Then I accessed privileged router settings by giving the command: enable

    Here it asked for my admin login and password:

    login: {snipped by moderator}
    password: {snipped by moderator}

    Then I accessed the router setting by giving the command: router

    You can then add a static route for by giving the command:

    route add ip

    (or replace with the ip of your home gateway)

    This re-routes attempts to access to your home gateway, which should create a timeout when you ping test from your computer.

    then you need to add another static route for by giving the similar command:

    route add ip

    Just through these blocks, it still doesn't do the job. The Primary and Secondary DNS server of your unblock service still need to be added to your router.

    So far I have managed to block the google dns servers above on my network with this setup. But I'm still not quite there. My Chromecast still won't get some of the services am trying to unlock! I haven't set the router's DNS servers that it gives out through DHCP to the DNS servers of my unblocking service.

    That'll probably finish the job.


    dgoddard wrote 1 year ago

    This was worked out based on the advice given at: solutions/articles/200579-how-to-use-chromecast-with-unotelly

    Please let me know if you had more luck than I did, I'm still trying to figure this one out.



    dgoddard wrote 1 year ago

    *** for the route command:

    route add ip you need to add a 2 on the end to make:
    route add ip 2

    Otherwise the command won't go through.



    Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

    Good info Duncan, thanks.
    BTW I snipped the second set of administrator credentials, as those really oughtn't to be posted here.
    But if anyone else needs them, email me and I can supply on a case-by-case basis.


    bspark wrote 1 year ago

    Hi there
    I have been reading your instructions on setting up the static routes.
    And am stuck at a password and user after entering "enable"
    Please can you let me have the adminstrator credentials so that I can set the static routes.
    I also have a question, once telnetted in and setting the routes.
    What happens if the modem is switched off and on at the power point..
    Will it keep the Static route settings?

    Really appreciate your assistance

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