Vividwireless.... WTF is going on?!

Seriously been patient with this crap service.. $80 a month for sup par service.. about time you told your users why your network sucks!!! we're paying bloody good money for an joke of a service!! and as for announcing a new product.. how about you fix the already broken product we're already signed up too!

its like they know were only on vivid because we'vre really got limited options!

lol "Super fast 4G network" ....ugggh have you seen one around here because i certainly havent!



SumDude wrote 1 year ago

Hopefully the new product is either a 5G network or that current vividwireless customers are transferred to a actual 4G service like Optus, since Optus own vivid.. Even better move us to Telstra, customers will have over a 100 times faster connection!

Furious at the moment - Speedtest Results
Ping 2390ms
Download - 0.08mbps
Upload 0.13mbps
I'm on the $80 a month for unlimited as well. If I could change providers, I'll do it ASAP!!!


badfreddy wrote 1 year ago

Vivid If the service is over subscribe then don't accept new accounts

Tip go into your modem enter password
now select wimax in wimax select stop then on top right you see reboot select.
this some times resolve issue I have with vivid but not congestion .

Has any body compared Optus Telstra plans when I compared them with vivid won with price but the others have better speed

Now what is this new thing vivid is has in the works


badfreddy wrote 1 year ago

The last resort TIO


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

SumDude, you have to realise that you're never going to get super-high speeds (in the multiple 10's of Mbps) when you go Unlimited; you are trading pure speed for flexibility on GBs of download. Yes, by all means, go for pure speed on Telstra if that's what you need, but you can kiss Unlimited goodbye unless you're prepared to pay a lot, lot more.

Vividwireless is positioned to meet a particular need in the market. Its not for everyone. For that matter, neither are the other ISPs suitable for everyone. Horses for courses.


simonpickard wrote 1 year ago

"Vividwireless is positioned to meet a particular need in the market"

What market is that? The Slow speeds with high pings market?

I don't think it's unfair for people to moan Frosty. There has to be a point where more customers but poorer service becomes a tipping point that people who are paying good money can't look past.


Jalinurr wrote 1 year ago

Frosty, are you saying that if i dropped to a plan that's NOT unlimited, and paid LESS money, I'd get better service?

Because that's what's implied. "when you go Unlimited; you are trading pure speed for flexibility".
If that isn't the case, then what is your excuse for the same pitiful service on lower plans?

But by all means skip over the numbers he posted by the way, which are by far below what the average standard should be. Good to see I'm not the only one who is, ridiculously, recording higher upload speeds than download.

Would absolutely like some clarity on your statement, though. If I can get better service by paying you less, I will jump on that.
Peculiar business model, though.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

simonpickard -- I'm referring to the market segment you might call "people who can't get ADSL, or who need flexibility of wireless (like renters who move a lot), who also want to transfer a lot of data but don't want to pay exorbitantly high amounts per month for internet access". All ISPs position themselves to meet a market need. Some offer multiple kinds of plans, to try to appeal to a wider market. vividwireless meets a market need. Its not for everyone. Then again, neither is Telstra. e.g. for home use, I wouldn't touch Telstra, because I don't want to pay a premium and that's because I don't need a premium service. But at work (my day job) we pay a premium for some Telstra 4G wireless modems for travellers to use and we don't begrudge the high price and low-GBs that goes with that (I think its somewhere in the region of $100/mth for about 4GB data).

Jalinurr -- No, I'm saying that when you choose an ISP that offers Unlimited plans, you could reasonably expect to be trading pure speed/performance for price. It is not about the Plan you are on at that particular ISP. For pure speed, get a low-GB plan from Telstra for example. You'll be able to download at multiple 10's of Mbit/sec ... and your GB allowance will quickly run out ... I've seen it last less than 1 or 2 days in one friend's case. That's the trade off. ISPs run different contention ratios. That's basically "how many customers vs how much bandwidth". For an ISP like DoDo which his a discount ISP, they run very high contention ratios, probably well over 100:1. If you go with a business-grade service from Telstra for ADSL, you might get a ver low contention ratio like 12:1.

I read on Whirlpool often and see people talking about this or that mobile phone provider and how they connected their phone and downloaded something at a massively high rate, say 30Mbit/sec or more ... but its rare for those same people to recognise that they're getting this speed on a mobile phone plan that offers them a couple of GB of data. How many mobile phone providers offer a plan with Unlimited data?

I just had a look on WhistleOut ( The biggest data plan I could find was a 38GB plan from Virgin ... and the cost? ... $180/month. That plan also meets a market need. I wouldn't pay it myself, but some obviously do, otherwise they wouldn't offer it.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

jalinurr -- as a separate issue, you suggested I was skipping over "the numbers". I'm not. This thread was started by "h4ps" and that post was basically blowing off some steam; the user is/was angry, but wasn't asking for advice/help.

The numbers were posted by SumDude but it's not his discussion thread.

Yes, the numbers he gets are very poor. If SumDude wants some help analyzing that, I'm happy to try, but SumDude ought to start his own thread and make it clear that he'd like some help, by posting the relevant details (see here: and then I can try to help him.


simonpickard wrote 1 year ago

Hi Frosty,

You miss one key point in your reply. Customer satisfaction.
As I said above there has to come a point where throwing a load more people onto the network to get money in vs how well your base gets treated fails.

I've been a long time Vivid user on and off and have noticed, as others have, how poor the service has become.

For this reason I'm now on a 10gig per month plan for $40 with Optus (I was paying $30 per month anyhow so now get a nice 10gig and all my calls).

I now use vivid once or twice per month via the $5 'unlimited' prepay option for any big downloads I may require.

Two years ago I was quite happy to pay the $79 per month as the speeds were good and I was satisfied. Now I have that many drop outs and slow speeds I only use it overnight, where it seems to pick up.

Your loss.

What has basically happened however you want to look at it is that vivid are the dodo of the 4G world which is a shame to see as it was a good service a few years back.


badfreddy wrote 1 year ago

how good is your 10G monthly plan with Optus.
I was on vivid unlimited plan now on 15 gig a month .


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Yes, customer satisfaction is always important. Then again, you can't make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time. People's needs change over time, as do expectations. What the ISPs can offer also changes, and especially so with a scenario involving wireless, because of inherent variability of the medium.

I've had involvement with ISPs who offer Unlimited plans for a long, long time ... way back to OzEmail Internet (circa 1995). Unlimited puts a huge strain on a network (from point-of-presence back to core network, then from there to the wider Internet).

When you offer an ADSL service and your gear at the exchange is full, you physically cannot connect another user ... so the system itself provides a constraint. At my home in Lilydale (Melbourne), my ISP (TPG) has that issue. I want to buy a different plan from them, but I can't, because ADSL2 capacity has been reached. Its been like that for years now.

With wireless its more difficult. Firstly, people are free to move about, so whilst you can plan for certain capacity in an area, you cannot stop people from connecting in that area. Secondly, if you want to add capacity, you're not always free to do so, either due to council constraints, or due to available frequency bandwidth (there are only so many MHz available in any given area). Thirdly, performance of the technology is variable with things such as weather.


simonpickard wrote 1 year ago

"how good is your 10G monthly plan with Optus.
I was on vivid unlimited plan now on 15 gig a month ."

Not sure this is the place but it's lightning fast compared to Vivid.
It also rolls over any spare data I have at the end of the month.

The 10Gig optus + a few $5 unlimited vivid days is working very well for me and I'm saving a lot of money.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

@simonpickard - Customer Satisfaction means a lot in the real world. If you’re not happy with a service, product, store etc, then you have an option to use your legs and go somewhere else. It doesn’t matter if it is an ISP (in this case) a retail store, supermarket or a day to day home product that you use. If something has been changed since you first used that product, and it is now not to your satisfaction or expectation, then you have the option to look elsewhere for an equal or better product or service.

You’ve used your option and have combined different services that you are now happy with and saving money.

If you believe or expect a service or product to remain as it was when you first used it, then you will be really disappointed. Unfortunately, that is not how things are today. Products made today are made to throw away after a short period of time, and that can include all kinds of service that we buy.

However, from long ago, I am still using a Hotpoint Vertical grill that turned 50 years old last Christmas, and it is used 4-5 times a week, and it has never needed servicing or repair.


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

"Customer Satisfaction"
I am definitely NOT satisfied, as my service is absolutely useless. Vividwireless won't even help me with my service and refuse to provide technical support.
As for @ozzcaddy's comment "If your not happy with a service, product, store etc, then you have an option to use your legs and go to somewhere else". - if I could switch from vivid to another carrier that provided at least 100GB I will move right now! But unfortunately some of us can't move.
I am on Telstra's most Premium Mobile Plan with 25GB data for $195 and for what I do, 25GB is not enough.
Damn right the service is excellent, speed of over 100mbps constantly. While on vividwireless the speeds are constantly below 0.5mbps.

Will my issues be resolved with vivids upcoming product/service release? I guess we can only wait and see.

@Frosty, really. TPG? I would of thought you would want the best speed and reliability being interested with wireless infrastructure, etc...



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

I'm not in a vividwireless coverage area here (outer-eastern Melbourne). TPG works really well for me at home. I have seen at times that they've gathered a fairly poor reputation, however I can't fault them based on my experiences. The combination of my needs and what they can deliver at my location is very good. I don't watch streaming video much (occasional YouTube, maybe an AFL match replay now and again). Next suburb over? Who knows? Internet can be location-dependent even for ADSL. I can't get ADSL2+ though, so am on ADSL Off-Net. No sign of the NBN any time soon either. For my needs, reliability is more important than pure speed. Standard ADSL would probably be fast enough for me. Bit of web browsing (Facebook, internet banking) and 5-10 emails per day doesn't need multi-Mbit/sec bandwidth.


simonpickard wrote 1 year ago

"If you believe or expect a service or product to remain as it was when you first used it, then you will be really disappointed. Unfortunately, that is not how things are today."

Sigh. Maybe I live in a different world to you but I actually don't expect it to remain as it was. I expect it to get better.

If that's the general feeling around Vivid it explains a lot.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

The vividwireless network is probably more than 2 x the capacity that it was when it first launched. There have been a lot of improvements; extra tower locations, extra antennas, bandwidth refarmed and so on. Whether that capacity has been able to keep up with the combination of customer demand for capacity and expectations about performance ... that's more an open and individual question. In certain locations, yes; in other locations, no.

I wouldn't think it's fair to characterise all of vividwireless based on an interpretation of a comment in a forum from a customer (albeit a moderator of the forums). To a certain degree I sympathise with the sentiment of his comment. I took it as meaning that loads/demands on the network are constantly changing and so we can't reasonably expect it to stay constant, which is fair enough.

I also agree with you that I expect things to "get better" or at least "stay constantly good". Its not always possible to achieve that for all the people all of the time.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

The comments I made was a generalised comment. It was not directed straight at Vividwireless even though it is the topic.

From the Topics and Posts that have been posted on this Forum, I think you will find that customers overall are satisfied with what they have and get. If not, I'm sure there would be more comments made by others than the comments in this Topic.

I'm no different to anyone else as a customer of Vividwireless. I'm not treated any differently because I'm a moderator on this Forum. I also experience the downside of the network, mainly congestion, but I can live with that as my use and expectations for using the internet is not high, compared to yourself and others. If it was, I would go elsewhere.

I've been with Vividwireless since Day 1, and prior with Unwired. I don't have the need to have Unlimited access. Vividwireless provides Plans and Price that suits my needs and provides a service that I am happy with at this time.


kdmeir wrote 1 year ago

I agree with simonpickard - too congested, old technology and was once good.

I joined 3 years ago. It was great for 2 years. I had the modem in a spot that gave me a near perfect signal and download speeds of 1.5 MB/s.
FYI this is the speed people who live very close to exchanges get on ADSL2+
(DODO 30/MTH unlimited) for less than half the price of vivid unlimited.
I didn't move the modem for 2 years. I was very happy considering i was getting 300-400 kb/s on ADSL 2+
The signal started going weaker about a year ago. I have been moving the modem around the house ever since. Best speed after midnight is 700-800 KB/S. During day 300- 400 kb/s.

When i hotspot my phone (vodafone) i get 10 - 15 mb/s d/l speeds off peak and 4 - 8 MB/s peak. They still have unlimited data for the first 2 - 3 months of your contract. Unlimited data plans (or part thereof, off peak or weekends only) could be on the way.

For the speeds i get, 80/mth is quite over priced, should be 40- 50/mth tops in my opinion.

Let's hope the new products is the upgraded technology Vivid desperately needs.

I'll be happy to pay 80/mth for speeds of at least 3-4 mb/s.


SumDude wrote 1 year ago



kdmeir wrote 1 year ago

"you have to realise that you're never going to get super-high speeds (in the multiple 10's of Mbps) when you go Unlimited"

FYI Guys

I joined Vodafone early Dec 2014 on a 24 mth contract.
I had unlimited data till end of Feb 2015.
They are still offering 2-3 months of unlimited data to new contracts.
Also, last year they had over 6 months of unlimited data weekends for pre paid sims.

I got 10 - 15 mb/s d/l speeds off peak and 4 - 8 MB/s peak as mentioned above. No slowdown.

I know it's different technologies wimax v LTE, but speeds of under 1mb/s is ridiculous for 80/mth.

I'm not asking for vodafone's super high speeds. As i said im happy to pay 80/mth for at least 3-4 mb/s download speed

I'm only with vivid because i'm too far from the exchange.

I looked at red broadband, but since they are using wimax as well, im not bothering.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

So what you're saying is it's "unlimited, but not really". That was exactly my point. Truly unlimited plans attract a particular demographic and this has an impact on the network. If you're happy with occasional "almost unlimited" then that's another demographic altogether; it's not talking about the same thing.


h4ps wrote 1 year ago

Ok so this is now getting beyond a joke!

RSSI: -63.63dBm
CINR: 23.88/21.45(R3/R1)dB
TX power: -2dBm

Frequency: 2394500
Bandwidth: 10000
BSID: f7:e4:11:23:49:20
Dev State: Connected
Mac State: Normal

no matter how good my signal is my download speed is pathetic, this service is defiantly NOT 'unlimited' because hey only so much you can download in a month at 20-40kB/s over a month! Im actually embarrassed when i try to do things on my media/pc/mobile that other people do with ease on there devices !! and im over the trying ro find an optimal spot in my house! been there tried that! if im being capped ...SAY so... if your network simply CANT HANDLE TRAFFIC ...say so! One pissed of VW customer! and i know im not the only one!


h4ps wrote 1 year ago


'I'm no different to anyone else as a customer of Vividwireless. I'm not treated any differently because I'm a moderator on this Forum. I also experience the downside of the network, mainly congestion, but I can live with that as my use and expectations for using the internet is not high, compared to yourself and others. If it was, I would go elsewhere.'

--i understand your expectations... but hey theyre pushing a product saying "HIGH SPEED WIRELESS BROADBAND" ... so thats peoples expectations.. hey if it was pushed as "PAINFULLY SLOW AND UNRELIABLE WIRELESS BROADBAND" ...then i could see your point as theyre being straight up as tell you what you can expect from said product... Im in now way having a go at what your saying but hey maybe vividwiress needs to be more upfront!


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

Yo h4ps,
Chill ??

I can understand your frustration but don't unleash it all out on Frosty. He helps the forum customers and points them in the right direction. I am experiencing the exact same problems with Vividwireless.
I myself have also been with Vodafone when they were doing unlimited data weekends and purchasing prepaid sims just to use the data. The speeds were consistent through out the week at 20-40mbps even when the network was unlimited on the weekend. Being able to watch a YouTube video without buffering was amazing. Even to just experience 4K content on my TV for the first time was a miracle.

I just did a speed test tonight with Vividwireles at 8:30pm and I'm achieving speeds of 0.04mbps. It's a joke. But there's nothing that can be done. I would move to another provider but sadly there are no other providers in my area. I've been surving off my 25gb Telstra mobile data which truely does come in handy and it's always fast and RELIABLE unlike some services *vividwireless*.

As for your speeds, I don't believe Vividwireless throttle or cap their customers. Mainly because I'm on the unlimited plan and I did a speed test at the same time with my vivid connection and my neighbours 15gb plan. Both speeds were almost identical. .

All I can suggest is wait and keep an eye out on the Vividwireless homepage. Something is in the works. Either a new modem/service or possibly closure of Vividwireless and we are migrated to the parent company, Optus. It has been rumoured that launch of what's coming will be this month. So it will be any day throughout the next few weeks. Vividwireless might even be upgrading its technology from WiMAX to TDD-LTE. Which will bring promising speeds to every customer. However, if the service is upgraded to TDD-LTE, it will require a new modem. This seems like a possibility since the current Home Gateway and ViViFi hotspot are both longer being manufactured.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago


Your signal is almost perfect. CINR is very good, although if you couold get it above 25 that might help a bit. RSSI is moderately strong and is good enough. That limits the diagnosis of your problem(s):

* either someone/something is stealing your bandwidth (which you have eliminated by connecting your computer(s) to another ISP service and demonstrating faster connections; or

* the particular tower you connect to is very heavily loaded at peak times (which seems likely, particularly as you mentioned in your first post that you have "limited options", which I take to mean that you cannot get ADSL ... and that would affect everyone else around you too, pushing more people on to wireless services)

If you haven't already done so, I would recommend you try the 'trick' of forcing your modem to talk to a tower with a worse signal. You can get the details by emailing me.

If you're in an area where use of vividwireless is heavy due to limited ADSL, then using a tower from an area where maybe it's not so heavily used (even though tower signal is worse) you might get better actual throughput. It's worth a shot.

SumDude is correct: vividwireless don't throttle Unlimited customers ... and yes, something new is coming and it's not far away now.


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

Hey Frosty,
I was just reading these comments and you mention that:
"you have to realise that you're never going to get super-high speeds (in the multiple 10's of Mbps) when you go Unlimited"

Well America and a few other countries it's a different story. For example American ISPs offer Unlimited 4G LTE Data, Unlimited Calls and Unlimited SMSs. This service costs approximately $110 AUD when converted from USD. Even though the ISPs do offer unlimited data there is enough bandwidth for everyone and the speeds are the same no matter what the plan is. These speeds will vary between 20-100mbps depending on location, interference and all the other factors for wireless signal. (just like Australia).

This shows that ISPs can provide and are more than capable of delivering 10's of Mbps when unlimited.
So why can't Australia do the same.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

I don't see anyone doing that in Australia. The USA is a completely different market. They have 15x our population squeezed into the same sized country. Their telecoms environment is different. They are the Centre of the Internet Universe; Australia is a backwater. The economics of providing backhaul are different there compared to here. Not comparing apples with apples. Happy to be wrong. Wish I was wrong. I don't see any way to make that model work in Australia; not today anyway, maybe "one day"? Even in the USA, you would run out of available frequency capacity very quickly. One question I like to ask is: what if Everybody did this? Wireless would get overwhelmed. Maybe the reason they can offer this in the USA is because most people wouldn't want it; and maybe that's because most people are using a wired connection for their main Internet link over there? Dunno. Markets are funny things though. If if Could be done here, then someone would do it. Vividwireless know a lot about providing unlimited wireless internet access; so if they aren't doing it in a way that provides Unlimited Data + Unlimited Speed + Low Price ... that tells you a lot about what really is possible in this market and what isn't. My opinion anyway.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

You can ask the same question "why don't we have the same roads as America". Same answer as to what Frosty has provided, population and decentralisation. Australia just fits inside the USA, yet, our population is mainly on the coastline. Where, in the USA, they have used all the land including the deserts, California, Nevada, Arizona.

In Arizona, they have the Yellow School Buses fitted out with Wi-Fi so the students can do school work on the bus, as some of their journeys are over an hour from home to school. You won't see that happen here. Closest thing we have is School of the Air for kids in the outback areas.

Why wasn't the NBN wireless? Workers would not have had to contend with asbestos in the old PMG telephone pits in the streets, and probably would have been completed at a lesser cost.

There are certain things you cannot compare to America or other large populated countries, such as India, China, Indonesia etc.


SumDude wrote 1 year ago

@Frosty Great points but not everyone can afford such costs. Say if Telstra or Optus have this plan at ~$150 - $200... I would sign up to this plan straight away but not everyone can afford $200 a month over a period of time... So, with only a little amount of people on this plan, not a lot of bandwidth will be compromised?.
To put Frosty's point to reality, on Telstra's last Free Data day the network became really congested. Having everyone, including $2 SIMS, Prepaid, Enterprise, Personal accounts, the whole lot made this happen. Speeds dropped from 200mbps to 10-20mbps... But with only a few accounts - how much impact would be on the network, is the question. Australia did chew through around 1150TB of mobile data :P and that was the highest amount of data ever transmitted in one day over the Telstra Mobile Network. (I can't wait for this Sunday, it's another Free Data Sunday) but with all these outages, its not a good representation...

@Ozzcaddy, fair points...
However, I must comment that Wi-Fi in the buses/trains are slowly rolling out on public buses/trains in Australia. Telstra are trying to turn Australia in a "WiFi Nation" with Telstra Air, houses are slowly upgrading there routers that have Telstra Air enabled routers and Telstra are upgrading there phone booths with fitted wifi routers to promote the whole 'idea'.


denboomband wrote 1 year ago

I am new to this discussion board nice to see all the comments. Especially I read all the comments. Some guys comparing to the other country wifi and wireless internet connectivity issues. well, I think vividwireless providing the best services in Melbourne. anyway nice to join the discussion board here.will back soon.

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