What is going on with download and upload speed? (Perth Suburbs)

I don't know what it is but lately the download speed is outrageously bad. I ran a speed test about 2 hours ago and my download speed was 0.13 Mbps !!!!! Surely dial-up is better. Not to mention the upload speed was 0.02 Mbps! Pretty poor for having bought a 300$ modem. I don't understand. Also when I try to play video games, my connection is always the worst.
Modem is situated in Peppermint grove 6011 if that helps



supersullo wrote 5 years ago



supersullo wrote 5 years ago

http://www.speedtest.net/result/1999259944.png got a bit better


rubenj wrote 5 years ago

vivid is terrible for downloading! i thought it was meant to be the fastest internet connection when i brought it a few months back but now i am regretting it and considering ditching it to get a new internet connection that is fastest and wont stuff up on me all the time..
pull your head in vivid and fix your problems! espically your NAT problem cause looks like you have a lot of unsatisfied customers


habbo1 wrote 5 years ago

Agreed. Extremely frustrating!


helmut wrote 5 years ago

I think that everybody who can get a landline broadband connection should get that connection and get off vivid so that the people who cannot get a landline broadband connection can get the speeds that existed before every goose with a landline broadband connection thought that wireless would in some way be better.


Elihu5991 wrote 5 years ago

I thought Vivid will be the best, but I'm starting to think that even though Telstra over-charge, they actually more reliable - and I hate Telstra! If my connection continues to be unreliable, I will have no choice but to leave because I need a reliable service for what I do - as anyone else does.


supersullo wrote 5 years ago

I'm thinking of switching to iiNet


HBCLabrat wrote 5 years ago

How on earth am I supposed to run a gaming community with +-0.02 Mbps uploads most of this weekend and -1Mbps download.

Vivid get your heads out your asses and give me something my $75 a month warrent.

I started with them almost 2 years ago and from the glorious 6-8 meg d/l and a green bar I now am chocked around 1-2 meg with a yellow to red light daily.

Australia is an embarrasment on internet speeds and quality.
Buck up your ideas Vivid. Please!

Disgrunted customer.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

supersullo, I haven't heard of any particular issues before which relate to your area. Can you please post your modem's MAC address, plus the RSSI and CINR stats from your modem? Any chance you could run a comparitive speed test: once in the morning before 9am and again at night after 7pm?


supersullo wrote 5 years ago

MAC address: 00:1F:FB:20:06:D2
RSSI: -74.27dBm
CINR: 23.28/19.66(R3/R1)dB


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

Signal looks alright based on those figures. I will ask around and see if there are any known issues in/around Peppermint Grove.


supersullo wrote 5 years ago

No, it's not that, it's the inconsistant download and upload speed, why pay 300$ for a home gateway modem when you can pay half the price and receive twice the download and upload speed.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

Response from vivid via email to me indicates that you are connecting to two different sectors on the Mosman Park tower. That particular site is not badly congested, though like most it is often busy particularly between 7pm and 9pm at night.

A detailed analysis of your connection from one of vivid's RF wizards follows:

"Throughput stats shows that the subscriber uses up to 7GB per day, with a daily average of 3GB. I think the poor performance is, on average, untypical for this user, and the speedtest results reflect a particularly busy moment in the busy hours of the day, combined with a particularly poor Modulation and Coding Scheme.

My suggested feedback to this user would be that his CINR history shows that his modem occasionally achieves CINR over 30, e.g. yesterday at 15:41 PM. A CINR over 26 would cause the modem to switch over to the most efficient RF modulation, so I’d like to advise that this user logs in through the web interface into the Home Gateway, and repositions the device until the CINR R1 metric exceeds 26. This will result in improved throughputs."


connector pens wrote 5 years ago

i get 11 Mbps im happy


supersullo wrote 5 years ago

Yes but, I was talking to my friend and in Claremont, his speed is 10MbPs and mine is 4, these results were taken at the same time. Is there any solution to this?


dhalphir wrote 5 years ago

HBCLabrat wrote 4 weeks ago

How on earth am I supposed to run a gaming community with +-0.02 Mbps uploads most of this weekend and -1Mbps download.

Maybe you shouldn't be trying to use a residential internet connection while expecting business-level support. If you want 100% uptime on your web server, pay the premium for a business internet connection.


stw1980 wrote 5 years ago

the surpport are clueless..they keep pointing the finger blaming traffic..

i used to finish work at 4:30am and i used to have a crap dl speed and guess what surpport say..its traffic..
Conpare vivid4g and telstra 4g in speeds and telstra make vivid look stupid..

My reasons for leaving this half arsed interernet company..
crap speeds
inconsistant speeds
No surpport help if any i have to do the digging for them..
and the icing on the cake is when there high level surpport told me that a 1mbs dl is ok and i should be happy with that..and that dl speeds greater than ul speeds is normal..internet slower than 52% of australia..
and gaming with vivid conection that doesnt allow port forwarding and NAT set to strict..bye vivid..


infamous_last wrote 5 years ago


Bit silly to compare Vivid's nearly 10 year old network (with LTE upgrade incoming) with Telstra's brand new LTE network.

I remember Telstra's overpriced garbage excuse for wireless (3G), followed by a still very slow but better priced Optus 3G.
Vivid blew them out of the water at the time, and still stomps many people's landline speeds, and until fibre is available to me, I'll likely stick with them.

Sure some people get sketchy service on the outskirts or high density areas, but broadband faces the same issues, if you can get it.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

stw1980, vivid DO allow port forwarding and NAT can be set open ... e.g. see the following FAQ for how to do this with a ViViFi modem and XBOX:


Is there a specific case where you are unable to get Open NAT?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

supersullo, bottom line is that people in different locations are going to get different results. There is no way around that, as different suburbs/towers/antennae have varying levels of load, people are are varying distances and angles of incline, and the physical environment in each case is different (building construction materials, obstructions, reflected signal paths, etc).


padpadangz wrote 1 year ago

Ok, a lot of threads have been created about this issue and people and vivid wireless are getting it wrong. A friend has told me about the "raw" speed which is shown on any of these speedtest sites. To achieve the speed we see when downloading/uploading is by dividing those by 8.

I am unsure when and how it happened by the origins of downloading, but all i really know is you achieve a byte by 8 bits (the speed you see on the sites).

Going back to the topic as to why its so slow is because all anyone can achieve is about 1.25 mBps (not Mbps, which means Megabits) for their download speed and this is the fault of vivid wireless themselves. I don't think the majority of them would know this but my eyes are focused on the technical support team for constantly saying: all is fine and shouldn't be any problems; which it is not fine because we expect that 10 megabytes we were promised.

I personally am on the unlimited plan and its good and all except the speed. I really want those high speeds and hope to get it soon because the house i live in is my dads and its not possible for me to get another line because one is running through the house to the optus connection which isn't unlimited (because my dad thinks 200 gb is enough) which is why i need unlimted for the stuff i do.

So vivid wireless, i really need my download/upload speed to increase for it to be worth while for me. Please fix the issue as soon as possible so that to make everyone happy in the long term.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Nobody has ever been promised 10 megabytes/second. Nobody has ever been promised 10 megabits/second either. If you are getting anything close to 1.25MB/sec (which is about 10Mbps) then you have a very good connection indeed.


padpadangz wrote 1 year ago

So, its now being said what we get, so this is the question now: why isn't anyone getting a better speed then that? everyone who is on unlimited deserves a better speed then that and why can't vivid offer a speed what is offered by other companies with 4g as well (i know for fact i can get at least 4 mBps). On the website says that which in fact what we're being told without any other info as to what that means.

Are we ever going to get that speed in the near future or am i wasting my money on a speed what is equivalent to dialup?

Its like i said: in the long term, is anyone going to get better speeds or is that most i'll ever get from the plan?


Meure wrote 1 year ago

No one gets a better speed than that because the network is artificially and intentionally capped at that speed.

As you said, it is possible to get the speeds you want (4MBps), but you need to arrange that with a provider that offers those speeds, rather than one that openly limits theirs. You'd also need to get extremely lucky to find a service that both offers high speed downloads and high data caps - vivid offers the latter in lieu of the former by way of design.

Are you able to clarify whether you're getting the 1.25MBps you mentioned before, or are you getting, as you describe later, 'dial-up' speeds (64kbps)? If it's running that slowly, you may have a technical issue.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Offering Unlimited data and Unlimited speeds doesn't correlate with a Low Price point. You can get 40Mbps from, for example, a Telstra 4G service. But you won't get Unlimited data with that speed, nor will you get a low price point.

In answer to your specific question "are we ever going to get that speed" ... with vividwireless, the answer is a clear "no". This is supported by how they are positioning their new LTE service. 10Mbps capped speed, Unlimited data, low price point.

You will need to look for another ISP and you will need to pay a LOT more per month if you are looking for 40Mbps and Unlimited data. Sorry, but that's just the facts.

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