Billing Improvements

so i have sent a email to vivid about improving billing and want to know others opinions.

i would like the bill sent to me earlier than 3 days before the payment is direct debited around 14 days before payment is due would be a good time to send the bills.

i would also like a bpay option so when i have money in my bank i can then send it early and put a red paid stamp on the invoice and file it out the way and pay the next bills that i have due.

i believe that these will help me manage my budget and be able to ensure my account is payed on time.



Dylan wrote 7 years ago

It sure would be nice if it was more like a phone bill ;)


davidthomas wrote 7 years ago

exactly what i was thinking


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

I'll pass your comments along guys ... of course I am not sure just how much flexibility vivid have in terms of processes and presentation, but I will make sure the feedback is delivered.


davidthomas wrote 7 years ago

thanks frosty. let us know how you get on


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

I did get a response back. In short:
-- regarding the timing of the notification prior to billing, that is under review right now and there are apparently some industry guidelines on this subject which vivid will take into account
-- regarding the payment method, they've taken the feedback on board, however there are no particular plans to change that at this time


davidthomas wrote 7 years ago

I just read that Optus has purchased vividwireless maybe our bills might start to be more like a phone bill.

once again i have received my bill with 3 days before(17/02/2012) it is direct debited from my account (20/02/2012) and nearly over drew my bank account yet my mobile phone provider sent me a bill(16/02/2012) a day before vivid and isn't due until the 2/03/2012.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

With regards to Optus buying Vividwireless, see post from Vividwireless CEO in General Discussion

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