billing payment month to month plan

my $79 plan finished on the 15th of this month i then changed to the $19 plan the following day but i checked today and i have been billed for $79 i was expecting $19 to be withdrawn from my account...why have i been billed $79?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 4 years ago

I think you would have needed to switch to the new plan before your anniversary date. By switching afterwards, the new plan will take effect from your *next* billing anniversary. At least, I think so. You might want to check that with vividwireless' accounts team?


driver1 wrote 4 years ago

no worries frosty i've received a reply back from vivid via email and they have given $60 in credit but i don't want there credit, so i am giving them a ultimatum of having my $60 credit back into my bank account asap or canceling my vivid account. if they didn't create a invoice before i chose the plan there would not be a problem.


Meure wrote 4 years ago

If you get the opportunity, maybe take a moment to glance over the terms and conditions you've agreed to. They cover the process of plan changes and how these affect your invoices.


driver1 wrote 4 years ago

iv'e done what a vivid phone representative has advised me and that's to change my data plan at the beginning of a new data month not at the end of a data month. so my new data month started on the 16th and that's when i changed it, i cannot see a link to the term & polices for month to month changes for payment it could be hidden somewhere.


driver1 wrote 4 years ago

my latest invoice states i paid $79 and its unlimited but when i log into my account it states i'm on 2gb plan. i'll be contacting my bank about this iv'e had a company steal from me before and they got my money back.


driver1 wrote 4 years ago

i won't bother my bank with it yet i did register a complaint with the tio they can sort it.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 4 years ago

The T+Cs around plan changes are here:

That's the "Subscription plan terms and conditions" link towards the bottom of the page on the link you posted above. See the section "changing your plan" near the top of that page.

In particular, this bit is what you are probably looking for:

"When you change your plan, we will make adjustments to your bill. We will give you a credit adjustment for charges already paid for the month under your previous plan, and we will apply a charge to adjust for your new plan for the rest of the month (unless you change to a pre-paid plan)."

So on the face of it, vividwireless have done exactly according to their T+Cs.


driver1 wrote 4 years ago

lol that's a clever billing system vivid has the more customer's money they hold onto the more financially it benefits them, and with all there customer's it adds up to a nice total.

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