So I am going to be out of the country for a month and thought it would be a good idea to cancel my unlimited plan for a month and reactivate when I get back.

Calling the Sales and Support number, I was advised by a rep that I should have notified the cancellation a week in advance of the end of the current billing cycle as current cycle ends 19th January.

I found no information about this on the FAQ or T&C (but its fine print so do point me out if I'm wrong).

If this is correct, could the FAQ be updated? Or if this is not intended, could someone look into my account and cancel it if it will not generate next month's invoice?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

Hi Caedus,

I couldn't find anything in the Vivid FAQs about this "lead time" so I will email my contacts there and suggest that they might want to add/amend their FAQs with this info.

If this turns out to be incorrect info, I will ask them to check your account as requested, though given that I am typing this on the 19th (your billing cycle date) I may be too late.




Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

OK, I did a bit more searching and on this page:

I found this:

"You may terminate this agreement, but you must give us at least seven days notice of termination, and notice must be given at least seven days before the end of the current billing period."

So the advice you were given by phone was definitely correct...


caedus wrote 8 years ago

Ok sweet, no worries.

Gave the device to someone else to use while I'm gone.

However, might be a good idea to have that up in FAQs instead... No one really reads the entire T&C =P


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

Agreed ... I have contacted Vivid as suggested and hopefully that FAQ will get posted/updated shortly.


jae6010 wrote 8 years ago

I was attracted to VIVID because of their promotions about not being locked several discussions with staff I complained that the option was not well facilitated as there wasn't an online mechanism to cancel plans and was told I just had to ring (and sit on hold endlessly etc) but they NEVER said I had to give them 7 days notice - in fact I'm sure I was told that I could do it "anytime". They really need to set up more user friendly account management pages so customers can set things up in advance at their conveniencen....while I would have rathered enjoy the XMAS holidays I had to man my computer on the 27th (the anniversary of the plan) just so I could change my plan from unlimited to 2gb. WTF!

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