Cancelling Account


Due to work circumstances ill be forced to move shortly, the area in which im moving falls outside of the Vivid coverage zone. Hence id like to cancel my account...

Problem is i cant seem to find any information regarding a "contract" on the "My Account" page. Is it safe to assume im not under one and can just cancel freely? Or does the "My Account" page simply not show that information (seems kinda silly if this is the case)?.

Im also assuming by the lack of options on the "My Account" page that i must call directly and state my case before im able to cancel? My next billing period begins on the 3rd of Nov and thus id like to get this done asap.




ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

To my knowledge, if you purchased your Vivid modem outright then you will not be under contract. I believe those who are under contract, are those where the monthly cost includes a "free' modem. (I stand to be corrected).

If your not under contract, I think the invoice process may have already begun, so you may get billed for another month. I would contact Vivid Support first thing tomorrow morning and explain your situation.

Hope it works out for you


Homehopper wrote 7 years ago

Well "My Account" says the current billing period doesnt end till Nov 3rd so i better not get charged another month... Anyways i couldnt remember if i bought the modem outright or took a plan. After searching through my old bank statements my first charge from Vivid is $159... So looks like i might have signed up for 12 months.

Hopefully i wont have to pay a fee as its not really my fault that they cant service my new area... Oh well ill talk to them tomorrow.


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