Cancelling Contract

I have had enough of vividwireless, slow gaming speeds are the last straw...
How can you cancel your contract? Any fees?



oOJaxxOo (not verified) wrote 7 years ago

If you have committed to a data service or a broadband & phone bundled service for a specified contract term (fixed term contract), you must maintain your services and pay the monthly charges until the end of the fixed term or pay any applicable cancellation fee.

Early termination fees are reasonable and necessary for vividwireless to recoup costs associated with the cancellation of a fixed term contract. They are not imposed as a penalty for terminating your fixed term service early.
The early cancellation fee will be charged to your account. Your actual cancellation fee will be calculated as follows: the number of months remaining on the contract multiplied by either $20 if you are on the 24 month contract or $30 if you are on the 12 month contract.
Pre-activation cancellation fees will apply if you cancel your service prior to service activation. These are fixed at $50.00 and are imposed strictly to recoup our costs if you cancel before service activation.

How do I cancel my service?
Call our Sales and Service Centre on 1300 32 78 37 .



timsmith wrote 7 years ago

I have a staff discount, would this reduce the penalty?
Also, are there ways of getting out of paying any fees?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

Best answer I can give is to ask vividwireless direct. I assume that by "staff discount" you mean one at a reseller of vivid devices/services. Certainly can't hurt to mention that and ask for some consideration ...


timsmith wrote 7 years ago

tried that, didn't work.... I think I may either go to the obudsman for advise or just wait... I guess I can pay $400 to cancel, it's just a bit silly..
Surely I can return the box, and pay a small fee?
I think I will go onto IInet, as it is best for gamers like me
For everything else Vivid is fine...


timsmith wrote 7 years ago

not to worry anyone, I can sell my old box and use that to help pay the $400 cancellation fee


connector pens wrote 7 years ago

u will have to cancle ur contract before you sell ur modem or who ever buys it wont be able to use it


timsmith wrote 7 years ago

is there a complaint line for vivid?
I may have to go to the obudsman


connector pens wrote 7 years ago

what is the problem you are having?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

Contact details for Vivid are here:


johandutoit2000 wrote 7 years ago

Onbudsman?? That is an idea! Who can give me the details?

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