Changing devices while staying on the same data plan

I have a Home gateway device on a 12 month, 10GB/$39 per month plan and I would like to have a ViViFi Hotspot device instead, staying on the same plan.

Do I have to wait until my current contract expires or can I change my device now? I understand I will have to purchase the device, at $99 I believe, however, I am unsure whether I have to ADD the new device and pay extra per month or if I can simply remove the account's access to the homegateway device and activate the account on the new device.

Please note, I do not use or plan to use the telephone option on the Home gateway device.




ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago


you are best to speak with Vivids Accounts area to get the correct information - 1300 32 78 37


grunge wrote 5 years ago

Which means ages waiting in a queue either from a public phone box or I have to pay mobile charges? I was hoping for a simple answer. Previously they have replaced my faulty homegateway device but wouldn't swap the device to a hotspot but I wasn't clear if that was because I had to wait till the end of the current contract ends or just because it was a replacement and the guys on the phone didn't know either.


Meure wrote 5 years ago

If you were to call at the time of your posting, grunge, you would only have to wait as long as it takes to press 3 for accounts ;)

What you want to do is obtain your vivifi (through whatever means necessary), then go to activate it by using the Internet through it. When you go through the activation process, you can indicate you're an existing user, and then you'll be prompted to add the new device to your account. Once that's finished, you can unlink the home gateway afterwards. Because you're not CLOSING your plan, there won't be any cancellation fees, and then you just continue to use your vivifi.

If you want to have both devices on your account, you can - it costs an extra $10 a month.

So you can take care of everything online and by yourself, but if you need, just ask the accounts guys how to do it all, and they're probably better at explaining than I am.


Aidis wrote 5 years ago

I'm almost in the same situation but opposite devices. I need to get the home gateway. How much extra does this cost for an existing customer?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

I suggest having a read of this FAQ from the VividWireless website on adding additional devices. If it does not answer your questions, I suggest contacting VividWireless > Accounts on the number in the FAQ.


maha wrote 5 years ago

I bought second hand gateway device but I can't activate it.How can I do it and put it in my account?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

Possibly the modem is still actively linked to an account or there is money owing on the account.

You will need to contact Vivid Accounts1300 32 78 37 to find out more about the status of the second hand modem.

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