Changing Plan

Hello i was just wondering if theres a price to change plans like right now i am on a 8gb per month plan but later i may want to upgrade it. and then maybe downgrade it again it really depends on different things to how much i will be using the internet.
Am i even allowed to change to lower download limits?

Also is there any other side effects of changing data plans.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

Took a quick look at vivid's support pages. There's a whole section there on plans and charges. You can upgrade and downgrade, but I think there's a limit of 1 change per month. As best I can see, there is no fee for upgrading or downgrading. They will just pro-rate adjust your billing to match the plan change. If in any doubt, recommend you call Accounts directly and get this info straight from them.


Tu nguyen wrote 18 weeks ago

Hi! I want to change a plan before I have is $70 month now I want to change to$90 month


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 18 weeks ago

Vividwireless are no longer selling their plans, as everything is transferring to Optus in a couple of months:

After it transfers, you will be able to select from the Optus wireless plans:

If you are wanting to change something right now, today, then I would recommend you call vividwireless and see whether they're still allowing plan changes and whether there is a cutoff date.

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