Difficulty purchasing online

Hello, I seem to be running into some trouble trying to purchase the new LTE modem and plan online through the Vividwireless site. My old Wimax home gateway finally kicked the bucket for good so I figured I'd might as well.

There are several issues I'm running into basically; The first is that when I get to the step that asks if I'm a new customer or an existing customer with an account (I am the latter), selecting it empties my shopping cart and gives the message "You already have a plan. Would you like to upgrade your plan?".

I am of course on an existing Wimax plan (going back all the way to 2011 to boot!) and to my knowledge there wasn't any migration offer for existing customers, nor is there a way to upgrade in this manner anyway, since Wimax and LTE are offered as different services (the former I imagine has now been discontinued).

Trying it on a different browser for the heck of it, I ran into a roadblock at the same step with the message "Sorry, the Login email you have entered is already associated with a Vividwireless account. Please choose a different Login email for your new service." when filling in the 'I am an existing customer' field.

All in all, a little confusing. I'd really like to avoid going down to buy it in person as it would be a hassle, and I'd rather everything be tied to my existing account if possible. Apologies if this isn't the right forum, it seemed like the most fitting one as this isn't really a technical query.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

Mizzet, you would be best to talk to Vividwireless Sales on 1300 32 78 37

and select the Sales option when asked. I'm sure they will be able to assist you.

Let us know how you get on or if your still having a problem acquiring the new LTE modem.


Mizzet wrote 2 years ago

Ah that's right, I should've thought about just giving them a call. I had to anyway in the end, as I was intending to cancel my existing Wimax plan alongside it, and there isn't a non-phone option to do that.

So yes I called them up and sorted it all out, the modem should arrive in a couple of days, so it looks like everything's settled. Thanks!


simonpickard wrote 2 years ago


It's a good point though. There isn't a well thought out upgrade option for existing customers.

I ran into the same thing. My email address was locked to the old device. Couldn't fix it without ringing them.

I don't really get Vivid in this area. Even a 10% discount as an existing customer to upgrade to the new service would have been nice to see. That plus a little thought going into anyone that wants to upgrade online.

Just my 2c.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

I think you'll find that they're trying to very carefully manage the numbers of people on the old and the new services, as both use the same spectrum.

This wasn't a big issue in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, as the loads were very light; in Perth it's a quite different story.

They'll be trying to move controlled numbers of people from old to new, reconfiguring the network as they go along to minimise disruption and loss of service to people. Very complex to manage.

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