Dramatic increase in data usage with new LTE modem

We recently switched to a new LTE modem from the olde wimax.

Since then our internet usage has doubled whilst we have not significantly (or even noticeably) altered our habits.

Does the new device measure upload/download differently?
What else might be causing this?




SumDude wrote 2 years ago

I'll just mention that when I first moved from the slow connection I had before with the WiMAX, to the new faster LTE network... Everything just started to update for the first time in years. Software updated, videos played in a higher quality, devices managed to backup to the cloud and so on. This all used a lot of data for my first month compared to what I was using before. Yours might start to use less data as everything has probably finished updating. However, if you consume a lot of media services like, Netflix, Foxtel, and YouTube... All these platforms automatically change the quality of the content you are viewing. As the LTE network probably has more of a faster speed than the WiMAX did, the services choose a more higher quality format as it notices your internet speed can handle it without having to buffer, and this does use a lot more data. The higher the quality - the more data used. .

The new device does not measure your usage in any different way compared to the WiMAX modem. I presume you are checking your usage from the vividwireless my account page.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

AFAIK the method used to calculate usage with the WiMAX and the LTE systems are identical. I think SumDude makes some very good points in the preceding paragraph.


giant robots wrote 2 years ago

Well, it does appear that we are not using signiifcantly more,

but i must admit that the new 4G modem is far faster than the intermittent painfulness we were used to with wimax
so it's reasonably possible our increase in consumption is due to that.

Just have to observe it for a while longer and see ..


giant robots wrote 2 years ago

omg we got shaped.
this 64k is terrible verging on unusable.

it actually reminds me of wimax, where there are periods when nothing will load .. then suddenly things load awfully slowly again. lol


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

I used to get my ADSL connection shaped from time to time; usually it was Xbox game updates, when a friend of my kids (or multiple friends) would come over for a gaming party. Other occasions it would be just endless YouTube videos being watched into the wee small hours.

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