I think you should refund me half of what I have paid

You have lied to me about getting "super fast" internet, i cant even load a youtube video, download a song, have a straightforward skype conversation.

you started off great, then you turned absolutely rubbish.

your "customer service" spans as far as a volunteer moderator (whom i thank dearly for his help) who could only tell me that there *may* be a new tower going in in butler soon.

This was almost 22 weeks ago and since then your service has gotten even worse.

I pay you DECENT money, $70 per month, for an unlimited plan. I may as well pay you for a 2 gig plan because thats round about all the data that I can manage to get through in a month.

you owe me money. but will i get it? will i balls!

last month was your last monthly payment. im getting a fixed line from a reputable company who will actually help me out and give me some customer service and expertise if i ever need it.

PS if you don't send me a cheque for half of my monthly payments from the past year, you are more than likely going to get your router thrown through the window of your HQ.

*** moderator's note: edited to remove abusive language



antdoyle wrote 7 years ago

also alongside half of my monthly payments i would like a full refund on my gateway


UnhappyWIthService wrote 7 years ago

The net is pretty fast i am able to download at 400kbs while streaming youtube, you may have just had extremely bad coverage u only get shit speeds if u torrent or p2p which is reli sad


antdoyle wrote 7 years ago

iv been with vivid for 2 years and when i first moved into this house the net was fantastic, then it slowly got worse and worse and worse to the point where i can no longer even watch a youtube video. nothing to do with bad coverage, because i have full signal. i know exactly what the problem is - vivid has bitten off more than it can chew , taken too many users on board, and now it cant handle the stress. brilliant!


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

antdoyle, I'm sure you know this, but just in case ... if you have a claim or a dispute with vividwireless, you need to talk directly to them via telephone or perhaps write them a letter. Ranting in public forums ain't going to get the job done. Threatening them is not a good strategy either. Suggest you take a deep breath, wait a couple of days to calm down, then talk to them direct.


antdoyle wrote 7 years ago

im half joking, only because vivid customer service is a joke. if they can have a laugh and a joke, i should be able to! in fact, it seems like one big jokey workplace, so im sure they will handle my joke accordingly.


windwolf wrote 7 years ago


in accordance with the consumer rights

6.10 Purchasing services
You also have a right to a refund or a remedy if services which you purchase do not meet basic levels of
quality and performance. All services which you buy must:
(a) be carried out with skill and care; and
(b) achieve the purpose for which they were intended.
If the service does not meet the required standards, you have the right to have the service performed
again. It is the responsibility of the person providing the service to cover the costs involved in doing this.

You are legally entitled to a refund, exchange or repair from the place of purchase if the goods or services:

do not have clear title (i.e. no money owing on them);
have a fault you did not know about at the time of purchase;
are not as described by a seller or as advertised or promoted;
do not do the job you were led to believe;
do not meet the description or sample claimed or shown;
do not last a reasonable time (depending on price and product).

so quote that to vivid and they legally have to refund your money. (at least some of it for the months that you where not able to use your net properly)

dont take it out on the forums


wolfy :)


antdoyle wrote 7 years ago

thanks wolfy. if only it were that simple. i bought the device over 2 years ago, so i have no receipt. vivid will more than likely do everything in their power to not refund me and if they do it will be nowhere near to what i should get back.

i will give it a try though. thanks for the advice.


Hagg1s wrote 7 years ago

Frosty i really hope you don't get payed to do this because i've looked through at least 20 different posts in this forum and in all of them you pretty much say: 'phone vivid, they'll know', whats the point in being a moderator if you dont do the research to help people, after all, that is what SUPPORT forums are for... you might as well just put: 'JUST CALL VIVID' in your username... it would save time...


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

In situations where the customer hasn't spoken to vivid first, the correct process is for them to talk to support first. That also applies to situations where the fastest resolution of their problem would be to talk directly to vivid rather than go back and forward through me as a middle-man.

You must be highly selective in your reading habits. Given that less than half of my responses are "talk to vivid first" in nature, you must be a highly selective reader. That's roughly equivalent to the odds that you'll toss a fair coin 20 times and get 20 heads in a row. 1 in a million ... wow!


cyrusluo wrote 7 years ago

vivid customer service is a joke..................................they keep saying their signal is good. but good signal mean good speed. i can not open a webpage some time. it take 5 min . so it is worse than dial up..........................................................................................................

we need to warn people about the bad practice vividwireless......................................

try to put all the bad comment on their facebook page.


cyrusluo wrote 7 years ago

anyone have problem with vividwireless about the slow speed they are offering should go to ACCC to make a complaint.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

Thought I should mention that I have offered you some advice/assistance here:

(I moved that discussion from the FAQs area). Still happy to help.

The appropriate external body for a complaint that like that (comment #11 above) is not the ACCC; I think you might be looking for the TIO instead?

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