Month-to-month plan question(s)?

Hiya! Recently I changed from pre-paid to the 15gb month-to-month plan. I have a couple of questions, and rather than flooding the forum I figured I would just post them all in the same post. I don't like spam, and I'm sure you don't either. So, if you can help me, I would really appreciate it.

1. How much am I going to be charged per mb if I go over my data allowance?
2. I was told that with the month-to-month plan, there's a big cancellation fee. True or false?
3. (one my mum wants the answer to, she's quite adamant I made a big mistake signing up to the plan - she's against it and won't listen to my answer...) - Am I charged at the beginning of the month or the end?
4. (Another of my mum's *rolls eyes*) - what's the catch? and I quote "there's always a catch. It's a trap!"

Haha yeah. Any help would be appreciated.

And great, it's flashing to red and then yellow, and then red again. Annoying much?

Hope you're all having a great day, especially the moderators and the wonderful people providing Vivid!



lusciouspimp wrote 7 years ago

You don't get charge if you go over your 15GB. Haven't you been reading the plan info? It clearly states that it's cap and yurt speed be slowed down.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

Vivid's Terms and Conditions are here:

Given that you are on a month-to-month plan, and (I am assuming) you are NOT signed up to a fixed contract:

(1) if you exceed your 15GB allowance, luciouspimp's comment is correct; you will be slowed to 64kbps for upload/download and there are no extra charges (see link above, "your monthly usage allowance" section)

(2) provided you did not sign up to a contract, there is no termination fee (see link above, "charges" section)

(3) you are charged once (1 month's usage plus setup fees) when you commence the service ... this becomes your billing anniversary date ... and then you get billed every month after that, in advance, again on your anniversary date (see link above, "payment, interest and other charges" section)

(4) depends what you mean by a "catch" ... one man's (or Mum's) catch is another man's Terms and Conditions ... I would encourage you (or Mum) to familiarise yourselves with the T&C's (see link above).

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