oops, bad connection (unfair use policy)

Hi, first off ive just signed up to the unlimited plan, yay, but have allready run into the overuse / fair use issue ><

I downloaded a game earlier this morning from steam, and somehow my connection speed had been set to 256k (i thought it was 3g speed, but also that it wasnt too important) and it turns out the setting of your connection speed has a huge impact on how much data packets get lost in the download,

im not sure yet, but think file sizes are between half and a quarter the size listed as their unpacked size, but this is what happens when Vivids 4g connection is set to recieve at 256k speed http://img585.imageshack.us/img585/4043/steamdownloadmeters.jpg and I didnt thing reset the connection till after the download was finished!

so fully accept the fair use penalty, it was a mistake that wont be made again, but fwiw is the sinbin timeout around 12-24 hour range or more like 2-3days?




Nisenden wrote 7 years ago

btw im familar with steam download compression, ive got another installation of it, but never worked out what the ratio is only using 3g cause its irratic, but usually seems about 70-80% the stated file size, and im sapposing actual compression is closer to half if using a stronger signal


Meure wrote 7 years ago

Did you have anything else that might have downloaded? Other games, updates, patches etc.?


Nisenden wrote 7 years ago

hey Meure, nothing else downloaded i know of (no updates or games) and the installed game file is exactly what steam listed it as

unfortunately i lost track of the total download amount when it finished, cause 10 minutes after that screenshot Steam had a hiccup and reset the counters to 0 but continued to show higher total downloaded.

after the connection setting was updated to >10M additional games i downloaded seemed to be at least 50% compressed

the de-prioritizing kicked in when the account registered 17GB; and have just continued downloading one of them (from 11:30pm) and the connections still de-prioritized, averaging 140KB/s so not sure if ishould reset the connection setting down to >2M for a while, lol. Still its not a complaint


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

Nisenden, AFAIK vivid just don't do this sort of thing (e.g. capping your download speed). They only de-prioritise traffic such as P2P and this will be noticeable even at off-peak times, but very noticeable at peak usage times because I think the 'strength' of the deprioritisation may vary according to peak and off-peak times (at least, that's the impression I get).

The way to test this is simply to be downloading something subject to deprioritisation, and then do some normal web browsing at the same time ... the web browsing shoudl be mostly unaffected (subject of course due to their being sufficient bandwidth at the tower and in other parts of the network, which normally their should be).


Nisenden wrote 7 years ago

Hi Frosty, it might not be a cap but there was a definate drop from steady 1.5MB/s from 2am to 7am to steady 150-200KB/s for the next half hour, and the resumed download from 1130pm was timed at 140KB/s over an hour

Really it doesnt bother me, and its definately a non issue with steam downloads since they can be resumed even after restarting the program

i only started this thread to point out the connectiong setting issue. I didnt realize thered be actual data loss using the wrong speed setting in the steam client



aldo16 wrote 7 years ago

wait what?.. you were downloading at 1.6mb/sec .. on vivid?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

Yep, that 2am-7am looks like where they must have set the parameters for peak/off-peak ... the de-prioritisation can have a big impact.


Nisenden wrote 7 years ago

Frosty, im not sure how its best described /organized but assume heavy usage in peak hours (say after 7am) is flagged to deprioritize (or something) and heavy use outside peak hours qualifies for it aswell (once peak hours begin) cause it shows probability, which makes sense.

@ aldo16, if you never get 1.6MB/s from steam, have you compared /convereted your speedtestnet results in Mbps (Mb/s) with a bandwidth converter like http://web.forret.com/tools/bandwidth.asp? into MB/s. Speedtestnet shows mine between 12-13Mbps outside peak periods, which is 1.5 to 1.63MB/s so have a good connection to the server. It has a big impact on Vivids speed and iff your only getting 3g speed, youd be downloading from an overseas server most likely


drobosson (not verified) wrote 7 years ago

I fondly remember the early days when it was common for me to be able to pull something down at 2MB/s. Then it halved and halved and halved and I cancelled.


johandutoit2000 wrote 7 years ago

I fondly remember the days when I still thought Vivd was a great new company, then I signed up a few days ago....
I don't think I have hated anything so much in my entire life.


Tonyburke wrote 7 years ago

The fair use policy must be an extremely reasonable one. I download a heap of movies 2 or 3 a day sometimes but have never had any problems.

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