P2P usage and copyright infringement notices

I received this email a few hours ago and it has me somewhat dumb-struck. Since getting the email, I have tried to read up on vivid's site and here about this kind of thing but I couldn't find much information anywhere. I am most confused by the the last paragraph "Finally, we note that you have this year already received three prior copyright infringement notices prepared on behalf of copyright owners. ", I haven't received any "copyright infringement notices" at all since I've become a vivid customer and I don't know what to do!

"This is a courtesy email to inform you that we have detected peer-to-peer file sharing activity on your account. Due to the very large amounts of data that you are uploading each month, this peer-to-peer activity is negatively impacting upon other users on the vividwireless network. We wanted to alert you to the heavy use on your account, and to provide some tips on how to more efficiently manage your downloads and uploads so that you enjoy the best possible Internet service.

As you probably know, peer-to-peer is a particular kind of protocol that enables your computer to communicate directly with tens or hundreds of other computers on the Internet. BitTorrent, eDonkey and Gnutella are examples of applications using this protocol.

Generally, downloaded peer- to- peer content such as movies and music are automatically shared with the wider peer-to-peer community. This means that other peer-to-peer users will download content directly from your computer. As a consequence, your speed and the speed of other vividwireless customers is slowed. We recommend that you minimise your sharing of peer-to-peer files by moving downloaded files to a separate folder or hard drive to prevent these files being shared.

Finally, we note that you have this year already received three prior copyright infringement notices prepared on behalf of copyright owners. As such you would be aware that distributing unauthorized copies of copyrighted television programs and movies without permission or authorisation is unlawful. Copyright owners are increasingly monitoring and detecting unauthorized peer-to-peer activities on the Internet and in some instances commencing legal action. Since we have not heard from you regarding these notices that we have forwarded to you we assume that you do not dispute the contents of the notices. However, if you believe that your vividwireless service may have been used for copyright infringing activity without your knowledge or permission you should urgently review your computer's security measures, such as passwords and firewalls. You should also ensure that your Wi-Fi network is secure and uses the most robust type of authentication available. vividwireless Wi-Fi devices are preconfigured for maximum security. If you want to know more on how to secure your Wi-Fi network and settings please visit http://vividwireless.custhelp.com/app/home.

Your urgent cooperation is appreciated.


The vividwireless team

PS: Need more help? Try our support site."



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

Hi there,

I would recommend that you contact vividwireless directly on 1300 327 837 and talk with them about it. These sort of notifications are probably from some kind of automated system. I would be asking questions such as:

-- when was I previously notified (as I don't recall receiving such notifications)
-- what is the detail of the alleged breach (what is it specifically that I am supposed to have done)

and so on. Perhaps the previous notifications got caught up in spam traps?

I suppose you are running a torrent client. Or perhaps another member of your family is doing so? Sounds to me that this is what it is about anyway.


accountancy wrote 7 years ago

Thanks for your help, I'll do that.


Dylan wrote 7 years ago

Nice to know they are at-least sending these and doing something about it :)
My speeds are already increased, haha.


kerry30au wrote 5 years ago

So I can't download Movies TV Shows and Music from Torrent Sites?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

Are you asking a Technical question or a Legal question?

As a Technical answer: yes you can, but personally I wouldn't recommend using vivid for torrenting. Torrent traffic is de-prioritised by vivid, so you are unlikely to get good performance from your torrent client.

As a Legal answer: almost certainly not, in 99.9%+ of cases.

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