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Hi! Recently my internet was suspended due to non-payment so I changed my account number. My debit card still works normally as I have checked with the bank. However, I changed my direct debit payment twice but it's still pending. Can you give me some advice or solution please?
Thank you a lot



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 3 years ago

I would suggest contacting Vividwireless Accounts on 1300 32 78 37 and speak with them about your situation.


Meure wrote 3 years ago

Did you change your details through the page you get redirected to, or did you just change them via your MyAccount with an alternate ISP?


Claire Nguyen wrote 3 years ago

Meure: I changed both of them but it still doesn't work


Meure wrote 3 years ago

Entering your details in to the redirected "Important Notice" page should prompt an immediate payment attempt, and if you're using credit card it should tell you whether it's successful straight away.

Maybe try it again, or call the service center and see if they can try it in your behalf?


Claire Nguyen wrote 3 years ago

I paid by using my debit card so it took 3 days! I tried that way as well but still... They keep saying that they have failed in processing the payment. Also do you know that when they ask for the account number, do you use the numbers after the bsb numbers on your account or 16 numbers on your card?


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 3 years ago

You have to enter ALL 16 numbers of the card, as well, Name on the Card, Expiry Date and the Verification Numbers on back of card (3 numbers).

Have you spoken with VividWireless Accounts (see post #1) who will answer your questions.

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