FAQ -- is Bridge Mode supported?

Q. is a Bridge Mode connection supported with the new LTE modems (e.g. where the LTE modem acts as purely a modem, so that firewall functions are passed through to another device)?

A. No, Bridge Mode is NOT supported.

... HOWEVER ...


From the Whirlpool forums, there is a workaround that might be sufficient for your purposes. User "rexyboy" offers the following alternative, with modifications by me and vividwireless forums users "reesion" and "Greem" for clarification:

The modem definitely does not support true bridge mode. The alternative is to configure and enable DMZ on the LTE Modem. You will need an additional Router/Firewall as a intermediate device. The configuration steps are as follows:

1. connect an ethernet cable from one of the LAN switch ports on the LTE modem to the WAN port of your Router device

2. configure the LTE Modem to be on a different subnet to your main LAN network
--> e.g. LTE Modem could stay as
--> e.g. make your main internal LAN network

3. configure the WAN port of your Router to be on the same subnet as the LTE Modem (use a static IP address for Internet configuration)
--> if LTE Modem =
--> then Router/Firewall's external (WAN) = IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway

4. configure the LAN settings on the Router to have the address of your main network
--> IP address:

5. configure any port forwarding rules on the Router

6. remove all existing port forwarding rules on the LTE Modem

7. turn off DHCP and WiFi functions on your LTE Modem (you can keep DDNS settings on the LTE Modem)

8. turn on DHCP and WiFi functions (if required) on the Router
(in my case, I have a separate Access Point connected to the Router to provide wireless functionality, so I have WiFi disabled on the Router)

9. in LTE Modem settings, enable DMZ and put the Router WAN IP address into the DMZ address list
--> e.g. in this example, Router WAN IP Address =

10. reboot both the LTE Modem and the Router/Firewall


* I am able to run DDNS on my router using some of the DDWRT smarts and can access my home servers using a VPN. I am sure you can open ports using port forwarding on your router if this is what you want.

* configure the router on a standalone network. Connect it to a laptop which is not connected to your main network.

* DDNS should not be configured on the Router, as it will pick up your WAN IP Address as instead of your actual WAN IP address (from the LTE Modem)

* port forwarding rules on the modem should be removed first, before enabling DMZ, otherwise port forwarding will not work properly after everything is setup

* if you are turning on DHCP in the Router, make sure you have a valid DNS configuration, otherwise clients may not be able to resolve addresses. Some routers use the DNS setting from the router generally to push DNS settings to the DHCP clients; others may have a separate DNS setting for the router and for the DHCP config.
(example: config for Netgear R7000 router with DD-WRT courtesy of forums user Greem: https://ibb.co/kwV3P7)

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