FAQ -- can I use a third-party VOIP phone?

Q. can I use a third-party VOIP device, such as the Gigaset 470IP ?

A. in the link (following), the customer was able to configure and use a Gigaset 470IP with voice service, however a minor configuration change was needed in the vividwireless LTE modem settings.

(refer: http://forum.vividwireless.com.au/forum/technical-support-lte/running-vo...)

User 'ncsa' writes:

In the LTE modem, go to: Settings --> Security --> SIP ALG Settings

This is enabled by default. Turning if off (uncheck) allowed the SIP registration to be completed and voice calls to be made.

No port forwarding was needed.



zephry wrote 2 years ago

Hi Frosty!

I'm new to vividwireless. Had a question about setting up voip with vividwireless....

Is it possible to connect my normal phone directly to the Huawei B315s modem or would it only work if I had an adapter of some sort (ATA I believe) and/or with a VOIP phone?

I can't find the VOIP settings tab when I log in to the modem. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

Hi zephry,
I'm not a good person to ask about the telephony side of things. I don't have any VOIP gear myself at home and have never used telephony with any of the vividwireless products. Probably best if you post a question in the Technical Support LTE forum section and see if one of the other users can assist. Or even post the question in whirlpool.net.au in their Wireless ISPs section: https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum/18


The Doktor wrote 2 years ago

A little late for the OP perhaps, but for anyone else looking for this answer, Yes you can use VOIP via Vivid Wireless but you need a VOIP box that you plug your phone into, then plug the VOIP box into the modem.

We previously had our phone bundled with Vivid but lost that with LTE.

The Vivid helpdesk told me that Vivid was sourcing its VOIP service via engine so I rang them and (after a little admin issues) now run with that. Kept the same phone number that we had with Vivid as well.

I believe there are other providers doing the same thing.


Pixel wrote 1 year ago

does the engin voice box still work for you?
I did the same and was happy with the result - until recently.
Friends started complaining they couldn't get through, although the line was free, and I could dial out without a problem.
Called the engin Help Desk last Friday, only to be told they are no longer compatible with Vividwireless because Optus has changed their 4G protocol. I had to select another phone provider, engin would no longer work with Vivid. Now I'm without a home phone.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

That sounds really odd. Is there any more information available about exactly what changed? I've certainly heard nothing about this, until just now. Although I do recall that vividwireless used to offer a VOIP service with their old WiMAX network, but this was retired back in August 2017.

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