FAQ -- Privacy and the vividwireless Forums

I am occasionally asked about Privacy and the vividwireless Forums, especially how this relates to the use and disclosure of information to vividwireless staff. So I thought it would be helpful to make some things quite explicit, rather than leaving them for people to deduce for themselves:

VIVIDWIRELESS FORUMS (forum.vividwireless.com.au)

Vividwireless provide these forums but have arranged for them to be independently managed, so that customers have access to information and advice that is in addition to that already provided by the company.

Because the forums are independently managed, direct interaction between customers and vividwireless staff normally does not occur here. On some occasions it is deemed desireable that customers do talk directly with vividwireless staff, so Moderators of the forums will request customers to contact vividwiress directly.

On rare occasions Moderators may contact vividwireless and ask staff to initiate contact with the customer. This is usually in situations where time is of the essence in resolving faults, where there is a need to obtain critical information, or perhaps where the complexity of a fault would make it impractical for a Moderator to be a "middle man" in a three-way conversation between customer, Moderator and vividwireless staff member.


As these forums are provided by vividwireless and are therefore generally covered by vividwireless' Privacy Policy which may be found here:


FORUMS ACCOUNTS (user names, email addresses)

The Moderators and the Systems Administrators of the forums have access to all information about your forums account, which includes your Name and your nominated Email Address.


In certain circumstances the forums Moderators choose to disclose information such as your Name and your Email Address to vividwireless staff. This would usually be because we are trying to investigate and resolve technical or accounts issues for you.

Moderators may also ask vividwireless staff to contact you directly by email or phone.


Moderators work on the principle that by placing your Name and your Email Address into a website run by a vividwireless, with which you have a contractual relationship for the supply of Internet services, that you thereby consent to having that information used by vividwireless staff to assist you in resolving problems with vividwireless.

If you do NOT agree to being contacted by vividwireless, you should create an anonymous user account in the forums which hides your real Name and real Email Address.

In participating in this forum you agree not to post or authorise others to post any material that is in our opinion offensive, defamatory, inaccurate, harassing, threatening, invasive of the privacy of others, sexually explicit or illegal. You also agree that you will not post or authorise others to post any copyright material that is not owned or licensed to you. In the event of any breach of this Policy we reserve the right to remove the post without notice to you.

Disabling comments and removing posts
Should we consider a thread or comment in violation of this Policy, we reserve the right to immediately remove part of or entire posts. We also reserve the right to disable, remove or archive posts that have been dormant for 14 days.

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