FAQ: how to check if your IP Address is blacklisted

Occasionally I hear reports of people being unable to access particular sites on the Internet. There are a couple of possible reasons for this, but one is that the IP Address being used by your modem (its Public IP Address) has been recorded on a blacklist because of SPAM or other nasties.

This might be as a result of problems with your PC, or it might be someone else's PC who previously was using that IP Address. Either way, you can check here:


by typing in the Public IP currently assigned to your vividwireless modem. If you get confirmation that your address is listed, then you should run antivirus/antispam/malware checking software on your PC to see if it is infected with something.

If your PC is clean, then its possible that the problem was on another user's computer and your modem just happens to have gotten that IP Address when connecting to the vividwireless network. If that's the case, then over the course of a few days/weeks the blacklists should clear that IP Address all by themselves and things should return to normal.



lynetteolds wrote 6 years ago

Wow, thanks for that information Frosty. I did the check and found 5 blacklists related to my IP address.
I think it's about time i updated my anti virus program :(

Thanks again Frosty :)


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 6 years ago

No worries ... just be aware that the problem might be someone else's and you just happened to get their IP address (see my last paragraph above).


snoopy1 wrote 6 years ago

all well and good waiting for the blacklisting to vanish but i need access to the one site i cannot connect to NOW


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 6 years ago

Maybe consider using a proxy service? That will hide your IP address from the website, so the traffic should then go through. Just be a little careful with proxy services. I don't know which ones are trustworthy.

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