FAQ: who is Stephen Frost? Does he work for vividwireless?

So who is Stephen Frost? Is he a vividwireless employee? What official status does he have here in the Forums?

Time for me to introduce myself! I'm an IT professional with around 30 years experience and I have worked at various times as a programmer, systems analyst, senior consultant, systems administrator and IT Manager. I'm currently running my own home-based IT consulting business and I also work during the day for a charity as a systems administrator.

Since 1994 I have worked with ISPs such as OzEmail Internet, Unwired Australia and now Vividwireless and I have been contracted to provide the moderation and oversight services on these customer forums.

My role is to be independent of the company, to provide impartial third-party comments, to provide additional technical support and assist customers to resolve any issues that they may have.



vic_park wrote 8 years ago

Great to have you on board. So often with an ISP you struggle to get through on the phone or email for important issues. It's just as important to have someone tackling these smaller often trickier issues as they do improve the all round ISP experience!


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

Thanks vic_park ... pretty right, its coverage of any little gaps, trying to help with out of the ordinary things, etc ... that's hopefully where I can help a bit, or at least coordinate a response from Vivid where it might be needed on those unusual issues.


VIVIDFAN wrote 8 years ago

Thanks Stephen for the insight into your status with Vivid. I'm sure to be calling on your help throughout time to time =) Paul


Tonyburke wrote 7 years ago

I've been with at least two of those companies (under different names) and I think I've had an account with OzEmail Internet as well. All were good experiences with Vividwireless the best so far. Great to be in the same boat as Stephen Frost, he has always been helpful and willing to provide good balanced information, I'm sure this will continue.

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