after all my complaining, I'm pleased to report that this morning my download speed varies between seven and 10 MB per second.
I would be delighted if it remained this way.
Well done!



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Hi julesl,

Thanks for letting us know that your speeds are back to where they were.

Did you contact support or wait to see if the towers are back working?

I have checked those 2 towers I mentioned and both are now working as normal.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Also very happy to hear a good report at last!


julesl wrote 1 year ago

It seems my congratulations were a bit premature :-)

This morning at 8 AM I had 10.5 MB per second download.
Now, at 3 PM I have 0.66 MB per second.
Speed test initially said "connect to the Internet – cannot access Internet".


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

See reply in your other post in Technical Support.



julesl wrote 1 year ago

It seemed my last post was ignored.
Perhaps it was censored?
The download speeds are intolerable most of the day


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago


your last post was a statement of what you might intend to do because of poor speeds that you are continuing to have, which needed no response. If you look at your post, it has not been censored, it is still there in its entirety.

However, what makes it difficult to follow and help, is that your posting in other Topics, that have no relation to the information in your original Topic and posts, .

After searching through the other Topics on the forum, I found your original Topic and posts from 2 weeks ago about internet speed. Frosty and myself provided suggestions in which one was to contact Tech Support.

After checking the status of the towers again in Dianella, they all appear normal without issues. Due to this, I would suggest again, to speak with Tech Support and let them look at your connection.

1300 327 837

Perth Customers (local time):
Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays from 8am to 8pm.

As also mentioned in your original Topic - Both Frosty and myself don't work for Vividwireless, but are kept informed so we are able to assist before it is necessary to refer to Vividwireless Support. We are also on the East Coast.



julesl wrote 1 year ago

I have spoken with tech support. They spent over an hour getting me to do certain tests, and then eventually to upload them. A week or so later I was contacted by a very pleasant lady that said she was going to fix it up for me. Unfortunately, she was not able to do anything. She said she was going to escalate it higher. I have not heard from anyone since. There was a suggestion that I try moving the modem around the house to find a better situation.
Eventually, the best situation is still where I am.
My major problem is the variation in speed during the day.
Sometimes, it is so slow that I'm informed that 'there is no Internet connection'.
I appreciate that everyone means well. But there seems to be a major problem somewhere.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

If the poor performance follows a pattern (e.g. from Mon-Fri between 4pm and 11pm it is slow, but the rest of the time it is okay) then it is likely to be load at the tower (e.g. at peak times). We all have Netflix and other such services to thank for the generally poor internet speeds a lot of the time.

If there's no pattern at all that you can discern, then it might be a source of interference (e.g. if you are using multiple devices over WiFi with your modem, but your next door neighbour is also running multiple devices over WiFi on the same channel and interfering with your modem). If you were testing for such a scenario, turn off all devices except for 1 laptop/PC which you then connect to the modem via Ethernet cable (so WiFi is not a factor), then test; if problem is not seen, gradually add other devices, and so on.

If it is not WiFi interference, then maybe it is a hardware fault? e.g. in the modem, or the power supply, etc. Try plugging it in to a completely different power point in another room. Try taking it to a relative or friend's house in a completely different suburb. If the problems are not seen, then not likely to be hardware problem.

It is very difficult to diagnose from a distance, via forums such as these, which is why we often recommend calling vividwireless tech support. That should always be the first point of contact.


julesl wrote 1 year ago

Thank you for your reply.
This morning at 2 AM (I could not sleep) the download speed was 10.2 MPS.
At 7 AM, it was 3.78 MPS.
Right now it is 0.81 MPS.
I fully understand that it probably relates to a load at the tower and, also the use of mobile phone and laptop.

What I'm thinking, is this – if I go back to ADSL t2, I will probably have a more stable download speed.
What are your feelings about that?
I appreciate your comments


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

So that's pretty definitive ... it is almost certainly tower congestion (to confirm, repeat the tests over a couple of days, to see if it always follows the same pattern).

My personal preferences are to always go with a physical cable where possible. I work as a systems administrator in my day job, so I work with a mix of technologies: fibre, ethernet over copper, 4G modems.

I would guess your scenario is something like this:
-- the area doesn't have good ADSL services (I live in a place like that myself)
-- lots of people switch to mobile / wireless
-- mobile / wireless gets slower and slower as a result

The only things that can change that:
-- either more spectrum becomes available in that area (not likely); or
-- NBN arrives and people leave wireless and move back to a cabled connection

At my home (Lilydale, VIC) I am on ADSL OffNet which is about 6Mbps, but I also have the vividwireless connection as well. I let my kids use the vividwireless, plus I put our mobile phones on vividwireless WiFi, and I keep the ADSL for the couple of PCs that we use for work.


julesl wrote 1 year ago

I hope I understand you correctly.
Are you saying that I can run my vivid Wireless and at the same time I have ADSL?
Also, does it matter who I have the ADSL with?The server that I was previously on, (ADSL two) was constantly between five and 7 MPS.
Deciding to go wireless, was probably a big mistake (for me)
I really appreciate your input.
It is very frustrating to almost constantly be working with a download speed roundabout one MPS, and occasionally up to 3 or four. But rarely, above six or seven.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

When you're using two different technologies from two different providers, then yes, you can run them at the same time. But unless you have a load sharing router to put in front of them, you can only connect a PC or phone to one or the other at any one time. You can roughly load balance by putting some devices to connect to one, and other devices to connect to the other.

As I mentioned, I have the "up to 6Mbps" ADSL OffNet which is with TPG, plus I have a vividwireless service as well which can give "up to 12Mbps". I only really have the vividwireless one because I do work for them here in the forums, so it is helpful for testing/analysis purposes. (plus NBN is supposed to arrive in Lilydale soon, this quarter I hope, so I will swap the ADSL for an NBN FTTC connection).

In an ideal world, both wireless and wired technologies are stable and reliable. But the world isn't like that. With wireless, any number of things can interfere with the signal. With ADSL wired connections, you can get RIMs or water in the pits or whatever as well. My experience with ADSL has been that it is stable, but I know people who get instability and/or bad performance. All technologies are subject to fault and all have potential to be over-subscribed in certain locations. ISPs choose different contention ratios (the number of customers who share a certain amount of bandwidth).


julesl wrote 1 year ago

Thank you for your valuable information.
Ironically, I have been receiving a download speed of almost 10 M PS since 6 AM today, without any fluctuation :-)

Hopefully, it will continue this way.
Regards and thank you


julesl wrote 1 year ago

They must have done something at the tower because my download speed has consistently remained above 7 MB per second the whole day. This has never happened before. I really hope it remains this way.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Cross fingers.


julesl wrote 1 year ago

I really don't mind getting a speed of up to 5 MB per second and would do anything to get a "stable" speed even if it is fairly low. But having to work with the speed of 0.80 most of today, is driving me nuts.
Are there any settings I can change?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Settings to change? None that I know of. The only out-of-the-box option is to physically relocate the modem and try to get a better signal.

On the Whirlpool forums, people regularly discuss putting an external antenna on the vividwireless modems. The modem has a removable panel and under it are antenna sockets.

There are el-cheapo antennas on eBay which don't work, so don't bother with them. Whirlpool people can point you to reputable antenna sellers and advise what type of antenna to buy. The cabling you get between antenna and modem is absolutely critical, so as to avoid signal loss.

Not a cheap option.


julesl wrote 1 year ago

I have moved the modem all over the house, and the best Place is where it is now.
As I have mentioned, I often get 10.5 MB per second for a short while.
The antenna sounds like a good idea. I will contact whirlpool and ask for advice as you suggest.
Thank you.
At this moment I'm receiving 2.2 MB per second which is virtually useless


julesl wrote 1 year ago

11 pm Sunday night.
receiving gownload of 0.42!
Not enough to even download email.
I find it difficult to believe that this is due to too many people using the facility at the moment. Surely, a company such as Optus can do something positive about this problem. No one is getting what they pay for


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

If the service isn't working well in your location (whether it is environmental, because of congestion, hardware fault, or whatever), then the last resort is to move to a different technology.

Previous suggestions given (e.g. post #8) still constitute the best advice that I can give.

In answer to your most recent question, I don't know whether or not there is anything that can be done about it. If it is congestion, and if the configuration of their tower is already optimal, then the only thing that will fix it is if people change their usage.

If you have followed the advice from vividwireless support, and then if nothing has improved, then I would advise getting a different technology (from NBN if available, ADSL 2+ or ADSL OffNet if not) from an ISP with reasonable contention ratios, so that you can get some more consistent throughput.

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