Customer loyalty means nothing apparently.

I have been a Vivid Wireless customer for more than 5 and a half years, since February of 2011 to be exact, which was less than a year after they were created and after having just got off the phone with tech support trying to resolve a failing modem i'm feeling pretty disappointed in the outcome.

My current, failing modem i have was purchased at the start of my contract all those years ago and is no longer being produced, and also long out of any warranty period. The two options i was given to rectify my situation were to "go look on for a second hand modem" or pay $15 a month more and be moved to the LTE service.

There is very little incentive for me to stay a loyal customer if the reward for that loyalty is being told to go out on my own and buy a second hand product or have to pay 20% more per month to stay a customer. I've been more than happy with VW up to this point and haven't thought of changing providers, but i recently moved into a new unit less than 1km from the phone exchange and am now seriously considering just cancelling and getting a fixed line service.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

To play devil's advocate for a sec ...

There are good reasons why you might want to consider switching to the new LTE modem/service: most customers are able to get 10/1 Mbps throughput, so it out-performs the WiMAX service in most cases. The coverage is wider than for WiMAX (basically, anywhere there is an Optus 2300MHz coverage).

There are also good reasons why vividwireless are no longer supplying WiMAX modems; they're old, both physically and in terms of firmware, plus they have taken away spectrum and coverage from WiMAX in order to build up the LTE coverage. WiMAX is pretty much a dead-end from a consumer device p.o.v. and LTE seems to have won the war (just like VHS beat BETAMAX in the video wars all those years ago).

I appreciate that this is not an ideal outcome for you. But if you now have access to fixed line and if you have reason to think that you'll be in your current location for a reasonable time, it would be worth reviewing your needs and the available solutions.

Have a look on ... you'll find a lot of useful info ... including a lot of people who have abandoned their "crappy ADSL" (their words) and are getting 2x the bandwidth or more with a new vividwireless LTE service. Investigate your options, do the research. I would if I were you! =8^)


Meure wrote 2 years ago

What was your preferred outcome? The WiMAX modems aren't produced anymore, so the reason Vividwireless can't replace it, other than your modem being well out of warranty, is that they don't have those modems anymore. You can still get them from other sources, predominantly customers who no longer use theirs for whatever reason, and it's admittedly a far-from-ideal solution, but it's sort of all there is other than saying "oh well, see you later".

Otherwise, if a different WiMAX modem is out, and an LTE service is out, maybe switching to ADSL would suit you best?


MajorPlayer wrote 2 years ago

EDIT 20/8 @ 1pm - Vivid have since called me after reading my feedback, which was essentially the post i wrote, and said they could offer me a replacement refurbished Wimax modem at no cost. Though after previously being explicitly told they dont exist anymore in any of their service centres the offer was more of a slap in the face than if they had just said nothing since someone had obviously been lying to me. Regardless of that, a new modem won't improve my horrendous signal quality at this new place so ive turned down their offer.


Im sure there are reasons to switch to LTE, very few of them are beneficial to me though. Not only would i have to buy a new LTE modem from them since they said they couldnt upgrade/replace my wimax modem, i also wouldn't be able to stay on my current $75/m plan and would have have to move to $89/m. Combined with my new drop in signal at my new unit (76 RSSI , 12/8(R3/R1) CINR) i dont see the point in getting a new contract for an LTE connection that may not work very well.

After double checking the distance, i am 550m from the Redfern exchange and am able to get an ADSL2+ connection before the end of my next billing cycle. Which at this point means i will be dropping my "crappy wimax" service for a fixed line, especially since it won't be capped at 10Mbps like optus are doing with Vivid's LTE.

Thanks anyway though frosty, you have helped me out in the past on other tech questions.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

No worries, hope it works well for you. I'm on ADSL at home myself, though it is ADSL OffNet (not 2+). Have had it for years and years. I would drop it and switch to the vividwireless LTE if I could convince others in the family that they don't need a physical home phone line any more. I have an LTE unit here and it out-performs ADSL OffNet by a fair margin (10/1 vs 6.5/0.3 approx). 1.5x the Download and 3x the Upload.

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