Diminishing Speeds

I decided to give vividwireless a try about 2 months ago as I was dissatisfied with certain aspects of my ISP.. The signal strength in my area appeared to be OK and everything was going along OK but over the last couple of weeks the DL and UL speeds deteriorated quite significantly and got to the point of being a real chore it was so slow.I checked the 4G Towers which were in my area and they all reported no problems. Cutting a long story short I went back to my original configuration and the speeds have improved significantly. Would be interested if anyone else has had this experience



normanh2 wrote 2 years ago

I am situated in Mitchell Park in SA - Post Code 5043


normanh2 wrote 2 years ago

I just realized that not many people will be interested on New Years Eve. From my point of view at the tender age of 82 all that New Years Eve means to me is that I have managed to stay alive for another year -- Cheers


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

Welcome Normanh2, can you explain your original configuration and the configuration that you made, that resulted in the poor speeds.

All the best for 2017.


normanh2 wrote 2 years ago

I started using vividwireless in late November on my Desktop with Windows 10
vividwireless home gateway LTE

Activated:22 November 2016
Associated plan: 40GB data
upgrade plan »
Home Gateway (month-to-month)
It was quite acceptable until about the third week in December when the speeds began to deteriorate and the last few days in December it was abysmal to say the least. That was with only my Desktop connected - when I attempted to use my Laptop in addition the speeds became totally unacceptable , in fact , unusable.When I only opened one or the other the speed improved but was still from a practical point of view - terrible. I have carried out the Speed Tests but I have to be honest and say I don't place much credence in them -- I judge the service on how practical it is for what I want to accomplish.
I have now gone back to Optus ADSL2 using a Netgear Modem Router and the speeds are from my practical point of view very acceptable . The same applies when I use both my Desktop and Laptop together.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

So there was configuration of the modem itself.

Can you log in to the LTE Modem interface - Click on this link to get the login page:

Login = admin
Password = vividwireless (all lower case)

Provide the following information under Device Information:

Cell Id -

I know you don't place much credence in speed tests, but can you do a speed test in the morning and the evening (8am & 8pm). This is to see if there is congestion at the tower during one or both of those times that may cause your slow speeds. Or it eliminates that as a cause.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

At 82 you're still a spring chicken! (my Mum is turning 87 this year, and still surprises me with her ability to surf the 'Net and SMS the grandkids from her mobile phone!).

I also checked the Optus faults map for your postcode; nothing to show there ... doesn't mean there isn't a fault mind you, but means they don't believe there is one.

Would be worthwhile talking to vividwireless support and going through their troubleshooting process. Towers can/do change, meaning that signal characteristics will change from time to time inside your house. I know the "move the modem around" routine is exhausting, but worth eliminating signal strength/quality as a cause as well.

That then leaves the network as a possible cause. Either tower congestion, or just the network generally. If it helps at all, I've noticed that the Internet is a bit slower for me as well, down here in Melbourne, and this is true for both ADSL and LTE connections. I put it down to all the new computer games sold at Christmas, perhaps they're all downloading large update files ... who knows? Will see if speed picks up again over the next week or so I guess.

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