Few questions

1) I believe vivid uses optus network. Their website says it is not available in my area (Gisborne Vic) yet optus is here.

2) I believe from reading the forums we would actually get a public IP (non NATted, non shared) but it would not be static. I can live without static but need a public IP

3) Can we use our own hardware? I am wanting to use Mikrotik routerboard with a 4G pci-e card or maybe another router running pfSense. These give a little more features than most home routers without being full blown enterprise routers.

4) If we can't use our own hardware is it possible to put the vivid modem into bridge mode or something similar?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

Hi Mike,

(1) yes, the LTE network infrastructure uses the Optus network 2300MHz band. However due to the NBN and other constraints, it is not necessarily available everywhere that Optus has a 2300MHz service. There's a brief mention of this on Whirlpool (https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/mobile_phone_frequencies) which refers to areas where NBN offer fixed wireless services. Does that apply to you?

(2) with my vividwireless LTE modem I get a public IP in the 49.3.x.y range. I am not 100% sure, but I believe this would be the case for all vividwireless LTE customers. The other possibility would be if vividwireless start re-using their 180.216.x.y range which is/was in use for their WiMAX customers.

(3) yes and no, you cannot use your own modem, nor can you take the SIM out of the modem and use it in another LTE modem ... however if you want to add peripheral gear like your own WiFi Access Point (and turn off WiFi in the modem) that's certainly possible

(4) unfortunately bridge mode is not supported, however there's a bit of a kludge workaround which involves using the modem's DMZ function to achieve something similar in terms of function. This is documented in the FAQs here: http://forum.vividwireless.com.au/forum/faqs-lte/faq-lte-bridge-mode-sup...


MikeKulls wrote 2 years ago

Ok, thanks for the replies. I have heard the speed isn't fantastic. I actually prefer to stay with Telstra, I am just after a public IP which I'm having trouble getting out of them.

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