Idea: Windows Desktop Gadget

So I am thinking of building a small gadget to grab some stats from the gateway and show on the desktop - something simple so we can quickly see our connection information.

Perhaps maybe a usage meter as well if there is a way to get our usage from Vivid without me having to scrape through the accounts page. Q for Vivid perhaps?

What are peoples thoughts on this, is it something you might use? (not going to code at home unless its of use!! :-) )



faceonahead (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

will use it as soon as you tell me its avail


granthamana wrote 8 years ago

Sounds great. Maybe like the iinet widget??


lusciouspimp wrote 8 years ago

Yes go ahead make one. Stats with usage.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

A few years ago I recall having a similar applet, but I can't remember its name. IIRC, you could configure it to work with different ISPs. It was a 'screen scraper' that pulled the stats of the ISP website. You might want to have a look at see whether its open source and whether they have a plug-in model that you can leverage. Sounds like a good little project. Let me know if you need a hand with it (testing and so on).


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

OK, will put some time aside on the weekend (work allowing) and see what I can find /do.

I figure most of us are on the unlimited plan so I will focus on the gateway stats first then have a look at scraping our usage.


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

OK had some time this evening and knocked up a quick and dirty frequency status gadget. (Now I remember why I hate Javascript!). The router has made this pretty easy though, has a nice ajax.cgi that can be used to get various bits of information. The green bar should mirror what the routers status bar would show you (colours and all) plus you get RSSI and CINR.

Note this is pretty basic right now but I thought I'd get it out there and when I have some more time I'll expand it some more. If there is someone on the forums that is graphically inclined and wants to help make it better looking give me a shout.

I've only tested this on Windows 7, no idea if it will work on Vista. Use at your own risk :-) I'm not responsible for any hair loss because of frustration.

Should be self explanatory, install, choose settings and set your gateway IP and you are away. It should refresh itself every 20 seconds (I'll make this configurable later).

Enjoy, please let me now what issues you encounter.


faceonahead (not verified) wrote 8 years ago


i love what your tryign to do but I installed and put in my gateway address and no gateway found still displays, does it work via wifi or do I need to have the pc attached to gateway by lan

Am running windows 7


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Hmm, that message comes up when it can't reach the routers web pages for any reason. Connected to wireless should be fine.

Can you tell me what firmware version you have first? (I have 2.8.8-1.4.4) and make sure they are the same.

I'll see if I can put up a version later on that catches the error so you can report what it is saying.


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

New one up. Adds error messages etc and refresh rate.

Error states are:
1. No Settings - no gateway IP set.
2. No Gateway found - This means the IP given could not be contacted to get data.
3. Exception message - For something I can't think of happening. Have not been able to make this happen for me.

If the issue you are having is number 2 I might ask you to try a URL in your web browser to see what you get.

Known Issue:
When the refresh rate is set really fast (like 1 second) I've seen it occasionally flash up "No Gateway found". I suggest using a minimum of 5 seconds for now.


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Last update for today.

New colours - looks a bit "vivid-ish" now. Tried to look at getting usage data but so far no joy, Vivid's website been hard to poke through.


faceonahead (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

will check it out tongiht when I get home, appreciate the fact your even trying!!


faceonahead (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

still no joy, have latest gateway firmware 1.4.4. IP address I use is same I use to access gateway settings being and I set the refresh interval at 5 sec. Error messgae I get is unable to initate gateway not also running windows 7 32bit


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Can you try this url for me?

Post back what you get.


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Oh, one more question - What version of IE do you have? Gadgets use IE to run, maybe something there?

Should be IE8 since that ships with Windows 7 but just checking you haven't put on the IE9 beta?


faceonahead (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

IE might be the issue, its a work pc so I cant use IE at home as IE has some proxy settings i cant overide as as I am off their domain therfore renders IE useless... so I use for the links return it is:


dave1au (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Im running IE9 Beta with Win7 X64 and I haven't had any problems with the desktop gadget.

Keep up the great work, much appreciated.


jetson (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Great little widget. Although I'm not sure what most of it means. (haha)
Runs great on wifi.
Should I leave it on 1 sec refresh or change it to maybe 10-15 sec.?
I just did a speedtest while running the widget and am getting,
Ping 64ms

Thanks Ancalagon.


faceonahead (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

ancalagon, all sorted, just reset all the setttings in IE to default and I am away.....Sorry for the stuff around

ps LOVE the APP!!


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Cool, glad it worked for you guys.

I tried to pull usage data from the vivid site but can't get past the login by code. I can see the place to get our usage from though.

If Vivid ppl are reading this I would really love it if you made a usage feed that third party apps can use - iinet have a really good one that gives usage in XML.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

You might want to also post your suggestion in the Product Development section here? Vivid people do read these forums regularly, however that would give it maximum visibility.


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

:-) Suggestion posted.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

I've asked the question of Vivid using my contacts too. I expect this would be a pretty low priority issue for them ... but you never know your luck ... maybe a Christmas present? ;)


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Thanks, I know they have a call in the website back end that does it. I was just having issues getting past the authentication to use it.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

I've had a chat to Vivid's IT about this. What I would like to do is see whether there is any kind of 'standard' XML schema that ISPs tend to use for this sort of function, and/or even a sample script that has been published. Do you happen to have any knowledge of this?


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

As far as I know there is no standard schema for ISP usage. The only one I've used in the past is the iiNet one. A quick google suggests that most ISP's create their own schema to suit it seems.

They have put up a full spec for theirs here:


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Hi All,

New one available - got my hands on a Vivifi so added support for it. Have not fully tested the battery meter but it shows you your connection stats.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

Thanks for the IINET stuff. Very good! Exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to find. I've forwarded this on to my contacts at vivid. However don't get your hopes up too high, as this is a low-priority compared to a huge number of other things on their to-do list and I don't expect it to get formalised into a project any time soon ... I suppose this means that your screen-scraper is "it" for the time being, so make the most of the limelight!


TheDogBoy wrote 8 years ago

is there any way you could turn this into a skin for rainmeter?


TheDogBoy wrote 8 years ago

no worries i did it myself....if anyone wants a copy let me know....i based it on the Gnometer theme for pretty well


Ancalagon (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Cool :-) I left VW due to all the issues but swing by the forums once in a while and saw this.

Glad someone made something from it.

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