Optus Home Wireless Broadband Performance?


I am looking at this product to fill as a stopgap measure for NBN. The ADSL tops at 3MBS and but can go down the .1 mbit. Once we watch
TV and download then there is trouble. We also have somebody who does gaming. Once I start downloading I get complaints.

So what I am wondering is what I kind of speed I can expect from this unit. I can see that max is 12MBs - but am having trouble finding out
typical speeds I can expect.

How have people found it? I think even if I got say a min of 8 Mbps that might be ok. What is the lowest speeds people are seeing?

I did a optus 4g test on a mobile and get very fast 4g speeds.

Here are the results I got from doing the 11 tests with Speedtest from various locations in my house - where I might put the modem.

Download Upload Ping
Average 152.542 20.346 22.7
Min 120.07 10.24 18
Max 194.31 33.4 26

I checked ok OzTowers and we are only .47 Kms from the nearest Optus tower.





ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

Hi Ward,

You haven't mentioned what Suburb - State/Postcode, as speeds will differ from area to area, city to city depending on how many users are connected to the same tower.

Check the tower location(s) using the Optus Network map. Click on the Outages Tab, and enter your Suburb/Postcode.


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