Outage or gateway issue?

So I recently, not even a month ago, signed up to vivid wireless for a few reasons (that don't really matter) however over the weekend I have had several drop outs? My home gateway LTE modems on signal starts to flash and all other lights on the modem turn off and I no longer have a connection. I have been without Internet more since Friday then I have had it and I can't figure out what the issue is I've tried resetting the modem, tried moving it throughout the house and using several different power points and nothing. I've spent endless hours searching for something that might help here and all over the net using my phones data (again frustrating) and nothing and everytime I've had a chance/spare minute to call it's come back online so I haven't bothered however it just dropped back out 10 minutes after the tech support line closed frustrating to say the least but does anybody have any ideas as to how to fix this issue.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

It sounds like there is maintenance in your area. Where are you? (what suburb)?

There is an Optus page here where you can check for maintenance work that they might be doing:


If it is not an Optus or vividwireless network issue, and I would assume that tech support ought to be able to confirm or deny that, then the next thing would be to consider whether there is a power supply fault or some other hardware issue with the modem.


mereana_wilson wrote 2 years ago

Yeh that was what I thought and was one of the first thing I checked and have checked each time it has gone out and all of the towers around me (Georgetown nsw) are all green with no issues or maintenance. Basically at the moment were just waiting for the support call line to open so we call and find out more.

UPDATE we gave them a call this morning and try have no idea what the issue is we tried a few things whilst on the phone and nothing have sent through pictures of the modem and have been told they will contact us within 48hrs with a solution. Hopefully we don't have to wait 48hrs for it start working again.


cojack wrote 2 years ago

Dear Vivid Wireless

As a Loyal and Premium paying customer

It has been a great journey since the uprising of your service more than 5 years ago, in which I have had the great pleasure to be a part of until now that I bring my subscription to an end.
Unfortunately, time has come that I must withdraw my loyalty to your premium service as of 13/09/2016 due to the following re-occurring issues;

Outages across WA
phone lag
Internet lag
Gateway issues
Slow internet

And the list goes on.....

Not to mention their are better services on the market at much less cost than this service.

Thank you for your support over the years & may you bring a better service to your remaining subscribers in the not to distant future

PS: If anyone out there is looking for 2 x LTE modems for FREE (Postage at your cost) I'm more than happy to part with them :)

These will be factory reset prior to postage



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

So there would seem to be some confusion here.

Your first post says "home gateway LTE" modem. The Home Gateway modems are the OLD modems and are WiMAX technology. The newer LTE modems are what is being sold now by vividwireless.

Your second post mentions that you've been a customer for 5 years, so that would mean that you have Home Gateway WiMAX modems, however you again mentioned LTE.

So can you clarify ... WiMAX (old) or LTE (new) modems?

The link to Optus that I posted above would only be relevant if you have the new LTE modem.

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