Poor speeds

Been getting poor download speeds in Yeronga Brisbane of 0.892mbps or 112KB/s. I've noticed that quality has been dropping a bit over time as I often watch livestreams. I used to be able to maintain source quality which is 720p60fps no problems and on youtube 1080p60fps. But lately it seems to be struggling to maintain 360p. I have not moved the modem since the day I bought it and signal stays at full bars. I understand it's peak time on a public holiday which would have more of an impact, but I used to be able to run at or close to 10mbps at all times even during peak hours. Now I'm lucky to get half that during an average day. I don't know how long it's been since you've upgraded the systems you have in place but if it's struggling this much to maintain speeds I believe it's in need of an overhaul. I don't see a reason why a smaller isp company (compared to optus and telstra) should struggle so much with maintaining their speeds.



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

You haven't mentioned what modem you have, Wimax or LTE.

I would suggest contacting Tech Support and let them have a look at your connection, in case there is a problem with the tower you are connecting to, that they are not aware of.

Tech Support : 1300 327 837

Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Customers (local time):
Monday to Friday 9am-10pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays from 9am-9pm.

Post back and let us know what they said and recommend. Also, what modem you have.


jmohy1 wrote 2 years ago

Sorry it's an LTE modem, I'll contact them and see if anything is wrong.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 years ago

If you do a search here:

you can look for Optus LTE faults by clicking on the Outages tab. There is a tower fault across the river in Sherwood.

Even is this is not affecting you directly, users from that tower might be connecting now to yours and affecting performance?


jmohy1 wrote 1 year ago

Made multiple complaints over the phone, they sent me an email I replied with the appropriate information and they haven't sent me an email back. It's been a week since then and the speeds are still rubbish. https://www.ozspeedtest.com/bandwidth-test/results/49430988


jmohy1 wrote 1 year ago

I may have to send this email after all I thought the problem might have been fixed because literally the day after you replied the internet seemed to run better and stayed pretty much normal for a whole week but today it started acting really slow again so maybe things haven't been fixed after all. I'll wait till tomorrow and see if there's still an issue before deciding to send the email.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 year ago

There is a new Unplanned Outage, Parkinson - Brisbane that began around midday today, whether that is near you that is affecting your connection.
See the link below for the Outage Notice.


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