Public/Private IP -Vivid to Optus

hey all

Just got migrated over to Optus a few hours ago today. General internet works ok BUT all my DDNS and external access to the network is now BROKEN!

Seems that Optus have changed from Vividwireless and are now only issuing a private IP rather than a public IP... :(

Have an open escalation with Optus currently, but not holding out much hope! If your affected suggest to raise up one also!




ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 2 weeks ago

Hi borgy,

Thanks for the post and information after your migration. I am waiting to be migrated across.

In the email correspondence that was sent out it advised that Optus uses IP addresses from a private range, and this is why a new IP address was allocated. I have copied from the FAQ about the change of IP address. Also that some applications that require a public address could be impacted.

Copied from FAQ's:

Will my IP address change?

A: Yes, you will be assigned a private IP address from Optus. Please take note that applications that require a public address could be impacted. An IP address is a unique string of numbers used to identify your computer when you use the Internet. Vividwireless assigns addresses from a public range, whereas Optus assigns addresses from a private range of addresses. Addresses assigned from a private range are sometimes not visible which could pose a problem for applications which require the address to be visible.

Keep us posted about the escalated ticket raised with Optus


borgy wrote 2 weeks ago

Yeah found that reference... Interesting to note that its "could be impacted" and "sometimes not visible" , "could pose a problem" !!!...

Its a major issue as I can no longer get into my network from outside (home automation, google home integrations, etc) :(

Not happy!


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 weeks ago

I would be interested to hear whether Optus can offer any options to you for a static public IP address. I have heard conflicting information about this on the Whirlpool forums.

At my work (my day job) I recently deployed a low-end 4G LTE service from ZettaNet ( for a disaster recovery scenario. It isn't cheap. But for $22/mth you can get a SIM and a static IP address with a couple of gigs of data. For external-to-internal access for your home automation, it might be useful as a stop-gap measure. I paired the ZettaNet SIM with a Netgear LB2120 modem because it supports bridge mode and I wan't to use it with a separate firewall.

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