Speed Limit to 256kbps on unlimited plan?

I've found something unusual tonight that the network speed seems to get limited to 256kpbs but my house actually with an unlimited plan! I get used to the unstable network during the evening so I decide to look at how it goes during late night when I have some other things to do... I use netlimiter to check the data flow, it seems that the latency(ping) is alright as usual but I can only get 32kb/s, approximately 256kbps, the typical speed limit of ISP.

I checked the modem, restarted it and found things still go like this. Then I refer to vivid website and found it is going to move to Optus but Optus only have limited data plan! I read the vivid website and it says it should be the same data allowance but it has very vague description says that the plan on Optus will be at same price and same allowance(that should be unlimited) with similar speed(I can accept the worst speed I've ever experienced!).

I have not checked if the plan at my house has been moved to Optus as the account owner is on vacation!

Therefore I come here to ask if someone knows there will be any change to unlimited data plan when you move to Optus(I don't see a speed change as other says!) or there should be any reason that I only get 256kbps. We don't have a copper line at the house but have to wait until Jan next year at least to get nbn!

I'm in Windsor Gardens, 5087 SA. But I don't find a connection between the outage issue and the current situation I have, I think it is much more possible a situation of over allowance!



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 2 weeks ago

My understanding is that the answer is NO, there will be no change to the Unlimited data plan when you move to Optus.

I checked for outages affecting Windsor Gardens 5087 here:

(FYI, the vividwireless network has always run on the Optus 4G network).

There is a tower outage on North East Road due to a fault, so it is likely that this is affecting you. These sorts of things usually take a day or two to resolve (most of the time anyway).


DreamlinerX wrote 1 week ago

Thank you Frosty. It might be the issue of infrastructure fault, whereas I found it so unusual even in the late night it still gets 256kbps.

I checked the account with the account owner and it should be a new bill cycle on this Sunday.

Let's see how Optus deal with our unlimited plan! I will post the status on the forum just let you guys decide if you are want to leave Optus.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 week ago

Understood. If it does turn out to be a billing issue, please do let me know, so that I can follow this up with people at the vividwireless end of things.

Also, see this post on Whirlpool in the vividwireless thread:

User there confirming that they have migrated to Optus, and that they are still getting 12/1 speeds.


DreamlinerX wrote 1 week ago

I'm back.

I checked the network status in Optus and there is still an outage but I found the speed is as usual.
I think that might be a speed limit and I can ensure that when I do "tracert" in my cmd there is a difference. It used to go to Sydney vividwireless IP when the speed is not normal(limited) but normally be Melbourne vividwireless IP, and it is as normal, still a vividwireless IP so our house seems still not migrated. I believe there is a speed limit as I know the bill cycle ends 4/14 and it's 4/15 now.
Everything is fine now. Speed is the same, which is around 10 Mbps.

I believe this is a billing issue and I will update the account detail of Optus if available later today. If I migrated I will also publish the information.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 week ago

Glad that speeds are back to normal. I guess you will probably learn in the next day or so whether migration may have also been happening at that time. Or that possibly something was changing due to the billing anniversary. Or maybe both at the same time.


DreamlinerX wrote 1 week ago

Additional update:
We received an email from optus that telling us the transfer from vivid to optus will be done in 2 wks. Before that we are still unable to access the account. Seems no extra penalty of running out of data on the bill, we are still under vivid unlimited plan.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 1 week ago

Thanks for the update.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 1 week ago


I received the same email yesterday. My monthly renewal was just on Monday.

I've had no problems accessing my Vividwireless account. But you are unable to change plans at this point of time, which I believe since about the 20th February '19, which was the cut off point to whether you decide to migrate to Optus or find another ISP.

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