Vivid how many customers do they have?

How many customers do Vivid Wireless have now do you think?

I don't see many resent posts on the forums and the Facebook page hasn't been updated in over a year..



ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 45 weeks ago

The question about how many Vividwireless customers there are, can only be answered by Vividwireless. Frosty and myself are not employees of Vividwireless, so we are not privy to that information.

With regards to reduce number of posts on the forum, there could be a few reasons. I cannot comment on Facebook posts, as that is managed by Vividwireless. Where the forum is provided by Vividwireless, but is administered by Frosty and I assist as a moderator.

Normally people don't post on forums unless they have a problem. With not so many postings, it might indicate that customers are currently happy with the service/network. Occasionally there are posts of positive nature, but they are few.

People may have connected to the NBN and have no need of Vividwireless. Although recent comments in the media where customers are not happy with NBN and want to return to the internet they had before NBN.

Updated spam software on the forum has reduced the amount of spam dramatically, so reduced number of posts until those posts are removed by Frosty or myself.

I hope the above provides some answers to your questions.


Scott24 wrote 45 weeks ago

Thank you for the reply.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 45 weeks ago

Like Ozzcaddy, I think these forums only "light up" with a lot of posts when (a) something is badly broken; or (b) vividwireless do something (or don't do something) that upsets a lot of people.

Certainly the forums have been pretty quiet lately, so I take that as a very good sign.

There's also that fact that with the new LTE modems (which replaced the old WiMAX gear) they are less configurable, meaning that "tweaking" with various settings doesn't happen … and that reduces the number of posts as well. We used to do a lot to try to 'trick' the modems to connect to (or not connect to) certain towers, to try to get better performance for individual customers.

I've been managing user forums for ISPs since the mid-1990s actually. Started with OzEmail and then AccessOne (which OzEmail bought). Later on came Unwired, which morphed into vividwireless.

Considering all that, having "quiet forums" is usually a pretty good sign!

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