Due to upgrade works to improve your service, the following LTE network tower will be experiencing a planned outage:
Cloverdale (Perth)

START: 16/03/2017 07:00
FINISH: 29/03/2017 19:00
DURATION: 12 hrs

IMPACT: Customers will experience intermittent degraded service or loss of internet connectivity within these dates.

We apologise for any inconvenience occasioned by these works which are necessary to improve your internet services.



SumDude wrote 52 weeks ago

A bit longer than 12 hours :P

I'm not connected to that tower at the moment (as its not yet operational on the vivid LTE network, being a brand new tower) but I am connected to one not too far away as I'm in the middle of both.

The tower located in Carlisle / Victoria Park is also experiencing intermittent degraded service or a loss of internet connectivity as the traffic from the tower being worked on in Cloverdale is probably being redirected there.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 51 weeks ago

Yes, likely to have an impact on the surrounding areas, and those areas will notice impact beyond the 14-hour window too, as people will be online longer I would think to compensate.


SumDude wrote 51 weeks ago

Yeah. Before there was one tower shared by Telstra and Optus. Now they have seperate towers. I'm on Telstra for my iPhone and before I was getting just over 100Mbps but now since Optus was removed from Telstra's tower I've been receiving speeds peaking higher than 200Mbps.

Once the Cloverdale tower is operational I will move my modem around and hopefully achieve better results during peak times on vividwireless LTE.

But surely while they do work can they redirect traffic to the 49.x.x.x IP address range or would that not make a difference as it's not a core network isssue...


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 51 weeks ago

In short, "dunno". But I think you're probably right, not a core network issue; you are still connecting, just via a different tower with more customers on it, so more congestion and probably worse signal. Redirection in the core network is usually more to do with trunking the traffic out of Perth and into another city before letting it out to the Internet. They would probably only do that if they have link or router issues in Perth on their main link(s)?


SumDude wrote 50 weeks ago

Can you confirm that this tower is back online and that vividwireless LTE is supported on this tower?
OzTowers say it has 2.3GHz 4G for Optus but that was ages ago when it was activated but I could never receive any reception form that specific tower.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 50 weeks ago

Hi SumDude,

Going by the original notice, the outage does not finish until 7pm tonight. I believe that is EDST, not WA time.



SumDude wrote 50 weeks ago

Optus site does say everything is fine with that tower. However is it even 2300MHz LTE for vividwirelesss? I can't seem to connect to it even though this is the closest tower which is 500m away.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 50 weeks ago

Is this the tower you are referring to:

It does say 2300MHz has been active there for about a year.


SumDude wrote 50 weeks ago

Yes that is the tower. The modem does not even connect to it.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 50 weeks ago

@SumDude, There is another customer having similar problem of not connecting to the tower in Cloverdale.

It is suggested that you contact Support and let them know about your problem.
1300 327 837
Perth Customers (local time):
Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays from 8am to 8pm.



SumDude wrote 50 weeks ago

When ever I ring Support they seem to have no idea on what to do. It is always "Let's move the modem around, reboot, turn off connected devices etc."

Can anyone like you or Frosty get any info from your contacts?
Much appreciated.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 50 weeks ago

SumDude, the other person raised the problem via social media, not by the forum. They have asked the person to contact Support, so they can fully investigate.

I don't know if they will do the basic stuff as you mentioned, but will probably need your IMEI from the modem interface, to investigate.

I made them aware that another customer via the forum was having similar if not the same problem, and asked them to contact Support.

Give them a call and tell them that you have been asked by the forum moderator to contact them about being unable to connect to tower in Cloverdale and that another customer having similar problem was also asked to do the same.



SumDude wrote 47 weeks ago

It has been two weeks since I contacted vividwireless and have contacted them multiple times throughout this period however I am still waiting for a response. I keep receiving the same answer 'We are waiting for the engineers to provide us with information'.
Last time I contacted was yesterday.

Frosty can you get any other info on whats actually happening and whats the story with the engineers? Because if I don't hear anything soon I will be contacting the TIO, which I don't really want to do.



SumDude wrote 47 weeks ago

Just want to add a quick question: What can cause signal inference for the vividwireless LTE network?
e.g. Weather.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 47 weeks ago

I've not heard anything further. I'll ask and see what I can find out. (have sent email).

Interference could be many things.
e.g. trees, especially if leaves are wet which can scatter the signal
e.g. building work, if between you and tower
e.g. unlicensed equipment illegally using 2.3GHz bandwidth
e.g. large scale atmospheric weather events, which can transport unwanted 2.3GHz signals from miles away (even thousands of miles away) and dump them in your local area, having been reflected between ocean and upper atmosphere

I've never heard anyone mention "space weather" however I expect that a severe event would cause communications and/or electrical problems. (pretty rare I think).


SumDude wrote 47 weeks ago

Ok thanks for looking into it Frosty.

I have been doing my own tests basically with different towers and at different times. Signal strength and quality is definitely not an issue which has been confirmed multiple times by support.

I will be contacting support today to add the information I have collected by doing speed tests at different times. The strange thing is that every speedtest I have done, being at around 10am, 9pm, 1am, they were all around 2.3Mbps exact and with 1mbps upload with low pings of 20ms. The tests were conducted on the Cloverdale tower and another tower located in Carlisle.

The theories I have is that the
- throttling part of the network is broken as it's basically 2/1.
- Faulty Modem.
- Or signal interference from one of the factors you have listed above.


SumDude wrote 47 weeks ago

Vividwireless rang me today. Saying the network and towers are fine and working properly. Also mentioned that the modem has been optimised for the Cloverdale tower. Still 2/1 though. The person basically said either stay with us or find a new provider.

I mentioned that the modem might be faulty. The rep thinks so as well but apparently can't make a decision without the engineers confirming. I sent in the speedtest results / signal stats I have collected and will get back to me once the engineers respond. Probably Monday said the representative.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 47 weeks ago

I heard back from my contacts. Got an email at 1:30PM on Friday. There is a disconnect somewhere, as I had passed them your details (from your forums profile here) but they don't have a record of you contacting them and providing your IMEI. But maybe they found you after they emailed me and told me they couldn't?

Can you get in touch with me by email? I will need the IMEI of the modem, current address (where you are using the modem) and a contact phone number, and I will forward this on to them.

There are still some ongoing issues with Cloverdale and the best chance of you getting this resolved is for the engineers to get involved specifically and work out what's happening to your connection. They may be able to tweak coverage to improve your situation.


SumDude wrote 47 weeks ago

Yeah the forum profile has different contact details. Sorry about that.

Email has been sent.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 47 weeks ago

Got it ... stand by ... expect they will be looking into things further on Monday.


SumDude wrote 45 weeks ago

Cloverdale sector offline. (For me only?)

Contacted support but was shut down as they said it was related with the two sectors Cloverdale and Carlisle clashing. Nothing you can do.

Optus network and vividwireless support page say no issues reported. Social media, whirlpool, has no complaints and apparently the call centre has no other complaints for Cloverdale.

Currently connected to Carlisle with really weak signal and no data connection.

Will post if I have any further updates.


Terry-Rivervale wrote 45 weeks ago

In Rivervale. Connected (3 strong bars) to Carlisle. LTE. Over last month or more download speed is getting progressively SLOWER. I am finding it hard to get more than 1.5 MB. Most of the time today has been less than 1MB. Same problem as SumDude?

I have been with Vivid since last June and could easily get 5 - 10MB. Nothing has changed at my end.


SumDude wrote 45 weeks ago

Hi Terry,

Before this outage in March for Cloverdale, everything was fine, and I was achieving speeds constantly at 10Mbps (Since April 2016) and a really strong connection to Carlisle (Near the Cnr of Oats St, Orrong Road - the tower I use to connect to in Carlisle). I think the tower for Rivervale might be somewhere else? If possible, could you post the Cell_ID of the tower your connected to?

The Cell_ID is found by logging into your modem (usually with user 'admin' and password 'vividwireless', then look to the right and its under Device Status.

I was told by the engineers that the Cloverdale tower should be my best option and the modem has been optimised for that specific tower. Moved the modem to the closest point in the house and was getting over 3 bars up until today. Speeds vary from 5-10Mbps during the day but majority of the time it has stayed on 10Mbps.

At the moment, I just attempted a speedtest connected to Carlisle, and Speedtest is saying "Network Communication Error"...

Also, Rivervale is NBN ready? FTTP, quite a few mates are in the area and get constant speeds of 100/40Mbps. Totally recommend it if you can sign up...


Terry-Rivervale wrote 45 weeks ago

Thanks for responding Dude

The Cell ID is 44081169
RSSI. -81dBm
SINR. 8-10dB

I can't go NBN. I live one street out of the zone.


SumDude wrote 45 weeks ago

So unlucky for being one street away. It stopped about 4 streets away for me in Kewdale. :(

The 44081169 is definitely the same tower I'm connected to now and prior to the Cloverdale outage. Signal can be improved a bit by bringing the RSSI to around the -60s but the SINR being the quality is really strong.

(I was told the SINR is what really matters and should be above 10 for an excellent connection - but the RSSI still does impact the speed being the signal strength...).

I once had an excellent connection to Carlisle, and had an excellent connection to Cloverdale but now it's no connection at all to Cloverdale and a 1 bar connection to Carlisle but no internet.

I'm hoping Frosty will see these posts and help me out in what I should do next. Seeing that you have been experiencing speed issues with the exact same tower we might be able to get somewhere and fix this issue.

The conclusion that vividwireless support/engineers gave me was that it is because I'm in the middle of the Cloverdale and Carlisle towers and that both towers are facing eachother, its causing interference as I'm in the middle of the 'connection path'.

Seeing that your in Rivervale, which is more North-West of Carlisle Tower, East of Cloverdale tower - meaning your away from the 'Cloverdale-Carlisle Connection Path'.

If the Cloverdale tower is not back online or has really slow speeds, I will try and stand next to the tower tomorrow (plugging into Car) and see if speeds improve as the test will be done right next to the tower. Eliminating whether it's my location or the tower itself. Will do one next to Carlisle and Cloverdale.

10:40pm AWST - 1 Bar but still no internet connection.


Terry-Rivervale wrote 45 weeks ago

I don't know whether it is relevant but my upload is VERY poor compared to Feb 18 and prior. Then I was getting about 500Kbs. Currently I am lucky to get 140-200Kbs.

It is 12:32am and I just got nearly 6Mbs down. Could it be a congestion or back haul problem?

Are frustrated NBN fringe dwellers like you and I switching to Vivid as an alternative because it used to be good? Choking up the capacity?

Just got 7.7Mbs down and 1.02Mbs up - at 12:36am.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 45 weeks ago

SumDude, the most recent change might be caused by physical reconfiguration at the towers if they are trying to tweak the coverage still. My recommendation for you at this point would be to move to another ISP. Sorry to be so blunt, but it sounds like the recent tower changes leaves you with no real alternatives.


SumDude wrote 45 weeks ago

6:45am Service Restored:

Was that really an issue with the tower changes? Or just an outage.

Anyway, @Frosty how can you explain Terry's problem then?

I'm on vividwireless because there are no alternatives. Telstra or any ISP won't connect me to ADSL, there's no NBN, or anything. If I could move away from wireless internet I would straight away.


Terry-Rivervale wrote 45 weeks ago

7:05am. Just got 9.1Mbs down and 1.08Mbs up. Looks like it is a congestion issue. It appears GOOD when all other downloads have stopped. I suppose that you can't blame Vivid. Why expand capacity when you are the only player in town and your customers will desert you in 12-18 months when NBN becomes available..

8:16am Still getting 9.68Mbs down and 1.51Mbs up. Maybe it was just a fault?


Terry-Rivervale wrote 45 weeks ago

A bit of both fault and congestion.

Getting about 4Mbs down and 700Kbs up tonight.

But can't complain, this is a lot better than last couple of nights.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 45 weeks ago

@Terry=Rivervale, you posted that it is GOOD when all other downloads have stopped.

How many devices do you have connected to the LTE modem or are you downloading torrent files?



Terry-Rivervale wrote 45 weeks ago

Two laptops and one iPad.

The only current "download" is one of the laptops Livestreaming Berry Eagles. The only other active device is this iPad - replying to you.

Current speeds are 2.29 down and 0.62 up. The previous speeds quoted today were exactly the same configuration.


Terry-Rivervale wrote 45 weeks ago

@ozzcaddy rereading your query I want to clear something up. I did not mean "all other downloads" through my modem. I meant "all other downloads" through other users connected to the same Vivid tower that I am connected to. This is symptomatic of connection or backhaul congestion.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 45 weeks ago

Understood. From the information in your other posts, it all seems to point to congestion being your main problem, with other users connected to your tower who could be streaming with Netflix, Stan etc. exhausting the available bandwidth.


SumDude wrote 45 weeks ago

Yeah. Well I'm still achieving 10/1 right now 11:53am. Vividwireless support were wrong and it was obviously a tower fault at Cloverdale.

As for the Carlisle tower. I would of thought it would be the fastest. Being that surrounding areas are all NBN ready. The tower is Optus owned and I think a few Vodafone connections are on it. But mainly Optus 3G/4G.

Wondering if it's to do with the Optus network becoming congested as they offer unlimited streaming on a few services like Netflix, Stan, music services etc - over an Optus 4G Plan. So therefore customers don't use up their NBN allowance and just watch it over their 4G connection... Just a theory.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 45 weeks ago

The way telecommunication and the internet is always changing, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I'm in the Sydney Inner suburbs less than 4km from the city, and the NBN doesn't come here until mid 2018. I personally don't like the idea of the strategy of the NBN. I would choose not to have it, rely on the cell phone for calls and have wireless internet such as Vividwireless, that provides me with choice.

Off the subject:

The family has lived here for over 60 years and we only had the phone put on in 1996. It just wasn't an important thing to have at the time, as we had the old red public phone box within 40 metres of the house, if you needed to make a call. And it was a special phone box, as you could make interstate calls for as long as you like for 20 cents. There used to be long lines to use it as word spread around the area, until someone told the old Post Master General (PMG). :)


SumDude wrote 45 weeks ago

Yes. In my opinion I would also prefer wireless 4G solutions. Seeing category 16 - 4GX (Gigabit LTE) and 5G testings with unbelievable speeds and low latency the possibilities are endless. Plus it's easy to upgrade compared to a cable. But like many say... congestion, congestion, congestion.

Voice calls and SMS are unlimited on almost every plan available today which is really great for everybody and keeps us connected wherever we go.

Seeing the FTTN complaints online, things aren't really looking good unless you have a Node right outside your house. Today I saw the first ever Node being installed in the area, which is promising but also quite depressing to know I'm getting FTTN.


Terry-Rivervale wrote 45 weeks ago

@ozzcaddy I was working for PMG in Melbourne. I also had access to an AplusB public phone where I could call home (Perth) for local call rate.

By the way, my grandkids have not complained once this afternoon. Keep the speed up.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 45 weeks ago

@Terry-Rivervale, I don't work for Vividwireless, I'm just a customer like you.
So I have nothing to do with how the network is performing, but assist others with their problems.

I've been assisting Frosty with the forums since it was originally Unwired (3G), which was owned by the 7 Network Media. Then Optus bought Unwired, and began a new entity Vividwireless (4G) Wimax, and then upgraded the network to LTE.

Frosty is also not employed by Vividwireless, but contracted to look after the forum(s) which Vividwireless provides, but has nothing to do with the running of.

I hope the speeds continue to be good.


Terry-Rivervale wrote 45 weeks ago

@ozzcaddy, so who fixed the fault? It was too much of a co-incidence that two customers start complaining and the fault disappears. An interpretation is that Vivid/Optus techs also monitor this forum.

Keep up the good work. One ex PMG/Telecom tech.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 45 weeks ago

I think its a continuation of Sum Dudes original problem, where Frosty had communicated with his contacts at Vividwireless.

I'm sure some Vividwireless staff monitor or look in to see what problems there maybe.


SumDude wrote 45 weeks ago

7:34pm: Cloverdale offline for me. Connection to Carlisle but no data connection.

Multiple reboots: still no data connection or Cloverdale connection.

Current connection:
Cell_ID: 44081169
RSRP: -113dBm (Poor)
RSRQ: -13dB (Good)
RSSI: -81dBm
SINR: -1dB (Poor)

8:10pm: Cloverdale back online.
Cell_ID: 44103962
RSRP: -97dBm (Moderate)
RSRQ: -10dB (Excellent)
RSSI: -65dBm
SINR: 9dB (Moderate)

Speedtest (FaceTime call active during test):

@Frosty. What is going on?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 45 weeks ago

Perhaps Optus are still working on gear at the tower. Or maybe there's still a fault and they turned something off and on again. I can't make much sense of this thread any more. Too much going on over too long a timeframe. I can't see any particular patterns in the reports.


SumDude wrote 45 weeks ago

Everything was good this morning until 10:16am. Loss of Cloverdale signal and reconnected to Carlisle.
Currently connected to Carlisle at 10:18am and no data connection.

Reconnection to Cloverdale around 11:45am. Speeds around 7mbps.

2:43pm- Cloverdale offline
2:58pm- Back online:


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 45 weeks ago

@Sum Dude, at the time you lose connection, what are you accessing on the internet, streaming, emails, browsing, downloading large files, torrents?

I'm just thinking, depending on what your doing, Vividwireless might be running checks to prioritise internet activity so more users have access.

Reading your Post #35, you had good speed at 11.53am, similar time as today when you reconnected - coincidence!


SumDude wrote 45 weeks ago

Well before 2:43pm when I loss connection, I was just streaming Netflix.. but I usually do it on a weekday in the evening and don't have an issue.

I've never downloaded torrents, etc - as I have Foxtel, Stan, Apple Music, etc. So all the traffic is legitimate. However, being a family, having a lot of devices, we consume quite a lot of data each month ~300GB but it has not been an issue in the past.

As for Post #35 it was just coincidence as I decidied to check the forum and post an update at that time... Pretty sure there wasn't an outage yesterday prior before that time but the only way to know if there was an outage then was to try accessing the internet... but I'm pretty sure I would of known.

Will update if anything else occurs.


Terry-Rivervale wrote 44 weeks ago


Download. 4.81
UPLOAD. 0.05

Still connected to 44081169. RSSI. -77dBm SNR - 11dB

Previous problems have incurred VERY POOR upload.

OK all weekend. Are techs playing with it during business hours?

12:35pm Rebooted router. Now connected to 44081177. Speed a lot better - up was 0.53. down: 9.63


SumDude wrote 44 weeks ago

Interesting notes Terry.

The engineers work only on the weekdays in most cases so seeing that speeds are fluctuating not during the weekend but they are during a weekday may be caused by the engineers.

Cell_ID - 44081177 and 44081169 come from the same tower but different 'frequencies'. I always found that 44081169 was the fastest in most cases but from recent changes it may have changed.

There's no planned maintenance on the vividwireless website or Optus network status that is being carried out on any of the two towers we are discussing.

Speeds for me at the moment 4:15pm are 10/1. Strong connection to Cloverdale.
I'm unable to check throughout a weekday. Will post if something occurs.


Terry-Rivervale wrote 44 weeks ago

6:08pm 44081177 speed now 2.07 down 0.01 up.

6:50pm Rebooted - now on 44081169. Down 5.59 up 0.89

These cells sure vary a lot.

@SumDude where did you get the tower/cell id's?

By the way when I was in PMG/Telecom/Telstra, engineers were the bosses. Technicians/Technical Officers were the workers who made the engineers look good.


SumDude wrote 44 weeks ago

I kind of figured it out myself and by consulting Frosty if it's possible for one tower to output two frequencies (like the old WIMAX network)... But vividwireless did confirm over the phone that the two Cell_IDs come from the same tower.

Cloverdale is 5/1 at the moment. 8pm which is peak time as everybody is online.

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