No 4G in Gosnells 6110

Hello all
no stable 4G since Thursday 11th here in Gosnells (6110). Third day so far, still no outage warnings.
4G light is either red, or if connected the signal strength is not even 1 bar, not even enough to check my email.
Tried moving the modem everywhere, same result.
Any idea what's happening?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 32 weeks ago

I had a quick look at the Optus Network Outages page here:

and noticed that there are multiple towers out of action around Gosnells area, at Huntingdale, Thornlie, and another over near Harmony Fields. They are getting upgraded. Fair chance that this is the cause of your issues.


Ra7or wrote 32 weeks ago

Yea, I checked that page too.
We live close to the Gosnells station, and that tower is shown green (NO ISSUES REPORTED Last update: 14/10/2018 06:41:20) .
Also, my whole family has Optus sim cards and 4G is fine on our phones (tethering right now as we speak).
Tried my modem in Ferndale 6148 and it connects fine, so not a modem issue.
Its day 4 now, still no improvement. What's happening??


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 32 weeks ago

With so many towers having work done at the same time customers are moved to the next best tower that their modem selects, and this can create congestion, at your tower as there is nothing wrong with the tower that you connect to. Congestion causes slow speeds and disconnections.

The work is carried out by Optus, whether the problem is with Vividwireless or Optus. If you click on the Tower icons that are not Green, it will display further information such as when the work began/or will begin and end. This will give you an indication of how long this will last, as you have said, already 4 days.

You could try relocating the modem in the home and see if you connect to a different tower that might not be as congested. I suggest that you login to the modem and take note of the current CELL_ID. If you do move the modem and connect to a different tower, the CELL_ID will change.

Sorry we cannot be as helpful from Frosty and Myself end.


Ra7or wrote 32 weeks ago

So let me get this right:
I click on the orange towers, the closest one says works scheduled between the 8 and 21 October, the second closest says between 11 and 24 October...
does this mean I'm looking at the possibility of another week like this?
And nobody can help me, I just have to stay put?
And I still have to pay my monthly fee like everything is fine?
Is this really how its supposed to work?

Like I wrote in my first post, I already moved the modem throughout my whole house with zero improvements.


ozzcaddy-MODERATOR wrote 32 weeks ago

If they are the dates that are given, I would say, Yes, the problem would most likely be until those end dates. This is no comfort to you, but I have had the same problem with the tower I connect to and I am in inner Sydney, where the work commenced 3/10 and will end 16/10. I've had no disconnections but do have slow speeds.

I read in your original post that you tried different locations, but I just added about checking the CELL_ID to see if it changes, not just relying on the LED Lights or speeds.

I suggest you speak with Tech Support and tell them the problem you are having and ask for a credit for the period the problem has existed. Whether they can provide any more information about the towers then what you now know. At least create a ticket with them about your problem.

1300 327 837

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Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 32 weeks ago

On the plus side, once upgrades are all completed, everything should be a LOT better than when they started the work. I went through the same thing a couple of months ago here in Lilydale (VIC). Yes, it was a couple of weeks.

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