4G phones

Are there plans to support the 4G phones which are now being released e.g. EVO?



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

Can you post a URL to the specs of the phone in question? It would need to support WiMAX and would need to operate in the right frequency band to have any hope of working.


Voytek (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Let's assume the phone did support WiMAX, and operated on the right frequency band, or the same frequency band that current vivid wireless devices use. Would it then be possible to sign up for a vivid wireless plan using your phone as the sole device, ie becoming a vivid customer without purchasing a home gateway/USB device/whatever new stuff they come out with?

This is purely a hypothetical, but would vivid wireless allow, or be able to provide a service that would allow a 4G phone user to simply authenticate themself and use their infrastructure?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

It would presumably require a quite different approach to their accounting/billing and technical back end. Might be more do-able if they actually sourced a particular phone and then sold it with a plan, just like they sell a modem with a plan ... but at their core today they are an ISP not a phone company and there would need to be a whole lot more infrastructure laid down before they could offer enough coverage to make mobile VOIP over WiMAX a reality I think.


skoll (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

I would request that vivid support the use of the USB modem on all the 4G phones/ mobile computors that have USB ports.

These are no longer phones anymore but rather mobile computers, cameras, GPS device, music players etc; and as such should no be excluded.
Are you going to block customers who wish to use their vivid modems with any choice of machine that can connect to the internet???

Com'on Vivid you came up with a great service.... for all the people in BB black spot areas etc... do not now stagnant and lock out new technology in these very useful portable devices... This market is HUGE!!! and just ripe for the picking... and BTW get rid ot the all you can eat plans, you'll only attact gluttons that stuff it up for your die-hard loyal clients. 46% packet loss is what I'm looking at. these issues must be related


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

I agree that its a big market Skoll, but that's a big technical request. You'd be aware that there are multiple mobile device O/S's out there. This is a job for the hardware manufacturer and is largely outside of Vivid's control.

Right now, if the device has a network port (e.g. Xbox, PS, etc) then it can work. The home gateway doesn't have a USB port. The USB modem is not the sort of thing you'd want to be plugging in to a mobile phone either I would think. Very clunky. I personally think the solution would be for more mobile device manufacturers to support placing WiMAX-capable chipsets into their devices, but I'm not sure how likely that is.

Re: the unlimited plan, I share your skepticism about the impact this has on the majority of customers, however I'm still hopeful at this early stage that Vivid can ramp up to manage the obviously heavy demand.

Now ... packet loss ... can you share some more information on that ... 46% to where? ... when is this happening (all the time?) ... etc ... any information you can share would be helpful in trying to identify a cause.



skoll (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

I've been on the phone to support and they have raised a ticket so we'll see how quickly it gets resolved.
All tests up to Monday 9/8/2010 on www.Pingtest.net returned 0% packet loss. all tests after Tuesday night 11/8/2010 result in Packet Loss of 45- 49%. Pinging a server in Canberra.
thanks for your time in responding to these issues, Stephen


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

OK, I just gave that a try myself (over TPG ADSL in Melbourne) and got 0% packet loss too. Same Canberra server I presume. If you're still getting heavy loss like that, you should definitely report it to Vivid. There is now an email link on the Support pages of the website, or you can give them a call if you prefer.

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