Change the data plans

I think one reason why a lot of people are experiencing very slow speeds (especially on specific websites like Youtube) is because of the infrastructure. I've noticed that ever since the unlimited plans began, average internet speeds have on average plummeted. I can't even use Youtube properly now.

I think Vividwireless should scrap the unlimited plans. When I first got Vividwireless, I needed it as a solution for my pair gains problem, and it initially did the job. Most users here don't need unlimited download quotas.

I think it would be better to simply increase the download quotas. In terms of wireless internet, Vividwireless, imo, was already much better value than most wireless alternatives. Furthermore, their performance at that time was stunning (average speeds much higher, performance issues wasn't that big). I was almost satisfied with my initial 25gb plan. All I needed was perhaps another 15-20 gb (at that price range).

Maybe provide these kind of plans instead:
$19 - 5gb
$35 - 12gb
$49 - 20gb
$55 - 30gb
$69 - 50gb
$79 - 70gb

Please take another look at your data plans, especially the unlimited one. Or at least take care of the performance issues.

Thank you.



nastylittlehorse wrote 7 years ago

Leon, I have a feeling it's not that people are really heavy downloaders that's the problem. The problem is Vivid have oversold and don't have the capacity to deal with so many customers.

Your plan might have the desired effect - people have been joining Vivid because of the reasonably priced unlimited package and if people stop joining then the problems may go away - but I don't think Vivid will go for it because it would mean turning away a lot of new customers.

Most ultra-heavy downloaders use a lot of torrent traffic. We know that's not the problem here because Vivid shape torrents to almost nothing.

What they need is upgrade their capacity. I don't know if the bottleneck is the towers or the link from Vivid to the rest of the world, but whatever it is it clearly can't cope.

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