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I've been using Vivid Wireless for a good few months now, and its been pretty awesome. I just want to ask this question, and having looked around on the forums I see this is a common thing that's been asked about coverage.

Just wondering if there will be coverage support for Wollongong? I checked up on the coverage map and I was surprised there was no coverage at all for such a busy city. Probably not quite as busy as Sydney area though, and there's lot of room for improvements to get the best coverage out to everyone in different places. But would be nice to know when there will be coverage brought to that area? or perhaps have a section on the website here to make suggestions to request coverage support in that particular area where people may be looking for it.

I know that might swamp suggestions of areas to get support, but then at least you'll know how many people in certain areas want it most.

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I also wanted to discuss about the device management of Vivid Wireless devices. I currently have the Home Hub, and it's been pretty fantastic in delivering fairly good speeds. There are days where it's not so great and speed drops. Quick tests with estimates that I can get about 5-11 Mbp/s, I'm located near a patchy area at the moment in Glebe, so I guess that might be expected. The patchy area is only 4-5 blocks way from where I'm located. On good days it may reach a peak of 16 Mbps.

Anyway… about what I was going to discuss… There have been a few blips that happens sometimes with the Vivid Wireless router where it looses connection completely and has to be rebooted to resume normal working conditions. Upon investigation I found something in the Vivid Wireless Hub's log output when I access the router page. In the log it states there is a misconfiguration protocol in Zebra for multicast. I have found that is the source of the connection suddenly dying when I search up the problem on Google. As I understand Zebra is hard coded into the hub's configurations and can't be changed through the current available settings shown in the hub to correct this misconfiguration. The error for Zebra can be seen in the logs when the router is booting up, I just connect directly to the hub through wired connection and look at the logs and I see this message pop-up in the logs.

A firmware upgrade for Zebra of the latest build should correct this error, but I don't think it's possible to manually upgrade it or patch it for Vivid Wireless hub ourselves can we through console access such as Telnet?

Another thing I want to ask about or at least suggest for future firmware versions for Vivid Wireless hub is to be able to see current connected devices with their assigned DHCP address + MAC Address and the public IP they're using. As any router should, I consider this as a must-have default feature. I found it strange at first that Vivid Wireless Hub doesn't even have this to show who is currently connected and their assigned DHCP + MAC address and what connection method they're using (ie; LAN / WLAN).

I had a little deeper poke around with Vivid Wireless hub just to see what else it had, I usually do this just for fun to get to know what I'm using. :P

The first thing I noticed was the root password to the hub itself was rather easy to get, and such an obvious password too after a good few attempts. I'm guessing the average consumer isn't suppose to know the root login encase they muck up the more advanced settings amiright? :P

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if you feel you don't like me sharing that information then feel free to edit my post. As I understand the logins itself may be different on different devices. I did however change the default password to a much stronger one rather than lave it at the default. Because if someone else who knew the password they just might mess with stuff, and I wouldn't want that now.

That aside, I'm also wondering if future upgrades will make it possible to support the use of VPN services? Of course it's currently possible to tunnel a VPN connection from from the computer you want to use the VPN from, but it only just means for that computer in particular instead of every computer connected to the network. It might be too much for a wireless hub to handle such things if it were built-in, but who knows…



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 4 years ago

I'm not aware of any plans to extend coverage outside the capital cities that are already covered, but if I hear anything I will let you know.


Regarding the error in the Log, could you post an example of the exact message? I would like to pass it along to the engineers at vividwireless. I don't think there are any current plans to issue new firmware (the latest is still v1.4.4 and its a few years old now), but you never know; they might want to pick up on this.

Regarding changing the firmware so that it shows the WiFi-connected clients, yes, that's something that others have asked for too and a request has previously been made to have this added to the firmware. But as per previous paragraph, that was a few years back and no sign of new firmware on the horizon at the moment.

I think the most likely scenario is that a new range of modems might one day become available. The current ones are getting a bit long in the tooth. The Home Gateway in particular is a bit under-powered CPU-wise if you have more than 1 or 2 WiFi clients, so I don't think its likely that they would try to cram additional CPU-intensive functions such as VPN support into the current hardware platform.

Regarding the root credentials, yes, sorry, I have removed them. They are available to individuals if they want to know (just email me) and have a good enough reason for wanting to know, but I don't want to publish them generally.


shadwolf wrote 4 years ago

Hi there again… I got the snippet from the log and here it is;

mt71x9 daemon.warn zebra[1112]: warning: interface wmx0 broadcast addr != calculated, routing protocols may malfunction

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I thought that might of been the case that's to be added next in an update or newer model with that kind of feature.

- - -

Yes, the VPN stuff might be too much for the current hardware, but if they release a newer model here that supports it, then great! Until then I'd still happily use what I got.

Another thing there about the Wi-Fi, and it's a bit of an unnecessary feature, and huge security risk in Wi-Fi's is the option to make the Access Point set to HIDDEN. contrary to belief as what most people assume, it's not really hidden completely, and anyone with Wi-Fi sniffing tools could easily get the AP's ESSID since it's constantly leaking that information when broadcasting it's signal while trying to be hidden, and in doing that it also leaks the Passkey in a similar manner whether it's WEP or WPA.

also the support for 2.4GHz frequency is probably soon the be outdated as 5Ghz frequency band takes over. Quite a lot of routers these days have 5Ghz band, and I probably expect to see Home Gateways take the next step to support 5Ghz band connections, many devices today are all ready to use 5Ghz and whatever else they decide to have next. Mind you, the 5Ghz band range is significantly weaker in distance coverage to output a strong signal around the home, and we all know 2-3 inch brick wall will block out all or some signal outside the home. Having used a router with 5Ghz band, it can certainly penetrate a 2-3 inch brick wall because there being a stronger signal output, my results showed that the signal will barely just drop below half-way, if you're still close to it (ie; on the other side of that wall).


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 4 years ago

Thanks for posting that log entry. I will follow that up with network engineering at vividwireless and see what I can find out about it.

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