External Antenna for Home Gateway

I've been experimenting on places in my house to get better reception, and unfortunately for me, the best place is OUTSIDE on the veranda.

(might have something to do with the double brick walls and leadlight windows... hehe)

but heres what i think: your service has alot of potential, but your failure to allow external antennas on the home gateway is a design flaw that should be addressed.

its ok with a USB modem - you can move your laptop, or get a booster. cant really do that with a home gateway. you should be giving your customers every opportunity to connect to your service.... the assumption that the internal antenna is enough is wrong... ITS NOT.

otherwise, its just a matter of time before someone works out how to mod your modems and blogs about it. (this is already happening in America with WIMAX modems there)



Vivid User (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

I connected an 11db wifi aerial to mine although it didn't get a better signal, this is most likely due to the wide frequency range of wimax. However if you want to try one your self it uses the same connector found in laptops so you can mod a cable to suit if you have an old laptop lying around that you can steel the connectors from.

It might be better getting a seald plastic box though and run the cables into that to turn it into an out door modem :-) you can get a sealable box from dick Smith or Jay car electronics.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

My experience with Unwired was certainly that some people had the inclination to mod things. But most people can't be bothered. BTW, there are external antenna connectors on the USB modem, just not on the gateway. But since it has ethernet interfaces, you can run quite a long cable from it. So you could put your modem outside, or up in the roof, if you wanted to do it. A sealed box like Vivid User would be necessary if you want to try mounting it up on a pole out in the weather, but just be really careful about heat issues. Ditto if mounting it in the roof cavity.


cybacolt (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

'Vivid User': wifi antenna wont work, its the wrong band i believe.

i've had limited success with it outside, tho in the last week my signal has dropped into the red... not sure what else i can do....

might have to try a USB modem with a large antenna outside.


stephen_le_page wrote 7 years ago

I have slow access speed from my Home Gateway at home, and would also love to have the option to improve my WiMAX connection with an external antenna!

The WiMAX section of my Home Gateway's web interface lists the WiMAX channels in use, suggesting that Vivid Wireless uses the 2.3 GHz - 2.4 GHz band for WiMAX.

The good people at Vivid Wireless technical support told me the location of my local Vivid Wireless cell tower. (I think it would be very useful if they would make this cell tower map available publicly, much like at http://www.adsl2exchanges.com.au/ which is very valuable for anticipating ADSL speed at a new residence)

Knowing the above two things, it would make a whole lot of sense to get a yagi (or other highly directional) antenna in the 2.3 - 2.4 GHz range for making a strong point-to-point connection with the cell tower.

Here are some examples of products that I imagine could do the job:
(Incidentally, all these antennas come with N-connectors.)

Ideally, I'd like the option to mount a yagi antenna outside (possibly on the same pole used by a TV aerial), aimed directly at my local cell tower, and cabled to an antenna socket inside, (exactly like what we have been doing for television for decades.)

The advantage of doing this isn't just with improved WiMAX connection. My present need to locate the Home Gateway upstairs in a window sill is inconvenient for VOIP and Wi-Fi! The ability to connect the modem to an external antenna by cable would also mean there is *much* greater flexibility with locating the modem, so I could actually have it in a more convenient location for VOIP and Wi-Fi too, improving services all around.

Incidentally, what standard of external antenna connector does the Vivid Wireless USB modem use? Has anyone tried connecting a yagi antenna to it? What kind of connector/adapter does it need?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

Maybe this will help:

Suggest getting in touch with people who have done this before.

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