MAC ip log?

Does the homegateway have this function?
Eg: whoever is using the internet, the home gateway will show the MAC ip?
Some other keep using it but refused to pay the fee :-/



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

I don't believe it does. I assume you are referring to the WiFi part of the Home Gateway? If so, then No, there is no mechanism to list the MACs of those using it. This has been requested as a feature for the future. I agree that its an indispensible part of administering the device.

I also notice that the Home Gateway doesn't allow you to either change the SSID, change the password, or even hide the SSID. That's also a problem.


Ian86 wrote 7 years ago

yea, i checked the gateway homepage. no features of that.
i just wish it will included both WiFi and LAN cable user MAC ip.
No point of me paying the fee when others are enjoying for free.


ryanlawrence171 wrote 6 years ago

Hi, I might be taking the topic at next point but do mac log help me to save from IP attacks?


stirlr01 wrote 6 years ago

The home gateway does allow you to change and hide the ssid, and change security.

Login -> networking -> wifi -> next


shadwolf wrote 3 years ago

You should take note for those who use the option of "hiding SSID" in the router configuration.

Using the "Hide SSID" option does not make your Wi-Fi any more secure, it does the opposite in fact which can lead to your passwords being leaked since it's constantly checking and broadcasting to its known authenticated devices that's paired with it which opens up a security hole for a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack and can show your encrypted passwords when scanning for networks with packet sniffers such as Wireshark and Kismet.

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