Migration of Vivid customers to Optus?

So I was called recently by an Optus representative to discuss how I was enjoying Vividwireless and if I was happy with everything. We then got into discussions about how Optus are trying to migrate all Vivid customers to Optus 4G with equivalent plans... sounded too good to be true at this point.

we went over all the usual details, usage, cost etc.
advised I go through 300GB-500GB+ every month on the unlimited plan.

the rep then said he would need to check some things to make sure they could move me to a special plan and he would call me back but I never heard back... assuming because no comparative plans could be found.

Just thought it would be interesting for any others that were curious about what's happening since the buy out.
So while it seems like nothing happened or will eventuate from this call, I still think its worth sharing.

personally I would LOVE to migrate over to an equivalent plan, or something less if unlimited is totally unimaginable... I often find myself tethering to my Optus mobile to get 50-60ms less when gaming... don't see why they cant upgrade user home equipment to use Optus 4G on similar plans...



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

I've heard of this happening in specific cases, e.g. where reconfiguration of the network has left someone with a poor signal and so their service is badly affected. But I have not heard of this happening generally (i.e. "migrate all Vivid customers").


dylo wrote 4 years ago

I was also contacted by optus via social media and they couldn't match my current vivid wireless offer for unlimited 4g so I declined, what's interesting is he also said eventually Vivid will be closed down and customers migrated to optus?? I have also heard this has happened in canberra already.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 4 years ago

Its true that they did shut down the Canberra network. That was part of a big project to release vividwireless spectrum in that area (and other capital cities) so that Optus could use it. But as to the other comment about all customers eventually being migrated, I'm not sure. There are a wide range of possibilities for the future and I'm not certain of where things are headed. Good reminder for me to touch base with my contacts at vividwireless and ask them!


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 4 years ago

Just an update ... I checked with my contacts at vividwireless about this and can convey the following info:

There are no plans in place to close the Vividwireless network, or to migrate customers to Optus. Customers will be informed should any such plans be developed.

The Canberra network closure last year was due to this small network under-utilising the available spectrum.


Wayne wrote 3 years ago

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shadwolf wrote 3 years ago

I wouldn't be so surprised if Optus rep or Telstra rep try to get Vivid customers over to them, they're scared of competition that beats them with good data plans. I can probably say with confidence that neither of the two will offer decent unlimited plans like Vivid, even if they claim to have better plans. Reason I can say with confidence is that for Optus and Telstra to offer their customers unlimited data plan they won't do it because they act like they have a reserve pool of bandwidth to give out by claiming that their current infrastructure cannot support it. Which I find a lot of nonsense.

You cannot have a pool reserve of bandwidth, it's not something you can reserve or get, it's about delivering that data bandwidth. I could sit and compare a dozen ISP's from around the world to Optus and Telstra and they'll never be nowhere near as good as them in terms of offering unlimited data plans.

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