(Official) Base Station Map

It'd be pretty cool if customers could have access to a proper map, published by Vivid, that showed the exact location of the towers. If possible, showing how much data is going through them or congestion would be cool too.

Any chance of seeing this?



Tyrael79 wrote 8 years ago

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kawd wrote 8 years ago



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Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

+1 from me too ... however I am almost certain that they would consider such information "commercial-in-confidence" as it would signal a lot of things to competitors.

There are places where you can seach online for telecommunications towers and establish their locations (there's an Australian federal government body that regulates this).


arjo wrote 7 years ago

I use http://maps.spench.net/rf for data on the locations and maps. its got all sites recorded by the acma (said regulators) overlaid on google maps. very interesting, ambulance, police, private links, phone towers and their uplinks, hams. the list goes on.

what we're looking for is for the vividwireless entries. the microwave (~20ghz) are the uplinks, the 2.3ish registered to BKAL Pty Ltd are the ones we connect to. cant seem to make the search work to well tho, so if ya figure out the syntax, let us know ;-)


balint wrote 7 years ago

My suggestion is to enter the following into the search bar at the top, and click Filter:

c "BKAL Pty Ltd", c "AKAL Pty Ltd"

What that means is that it will perform a search for all sites with an assignment belonging to the client (hinted by the 'c') "BKAL Pty Ltd" or "AKAL Pty Ltd".

So, for instance, you should see all of them here:


If you click 'Help' in the top-right, that will explain the syntax.

While you type, you can also watch how your query will be interpreted in the 'Filter breakdown' inside the query overlay that drops down when you click in the search box (so you can double check it will do what you ask).

Finally, if you want to go hardcore, click on 'View filter' and that will let you interactively assemble a filter by editing each individual condition.

Don't forget that you can hit TAB while typing in the search box to auto-complete a word & search for the rest of a phrase/site/client name, etc.

Suggestions/comments welcome!


Gr1ffsta wrote 7 years ago

This mapping tool is great; I know it's only one factor and I understand the theories but have people found a real-life correlation between tower distance and speed? I have found that have an almost unobstructed view to a Vivid tower from my living room ~2kms away and an obstructed path to another ~1.2 kms away (Richmond, Victoria).

Am I likely to get a connection >3Mbps at peak times? My 7Mbps ADSL connection drops to ~800kbps during peak times and I've had it!


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 7 years ago

Performance depends on a whole bunch of things Gr1ffsta:
(1) type of modem used (typically the Home Gateway is the best)
(2) signal strength and stability from the various towers the modem can see
(3) some towers are heavily loaded whilst others are not; obviously the heavily loaded towers can perform poorly at times
(4) the type of applications you run; if you are a heavy torrenter, then my advice would be to avoid vividwireless, as they deprioritise torrent traffic to the lowest level

Generally speaking, I always prefer a wired connection to wireless, however the convenience of wireless is wonderful (and I am typing this on a wireless link from my holiday caravan down at Inverloch!).

Best recommendation: see if you can find a friend who uses vividwireless and get them to bring their modem to your place and try it out for a few hours.


Ironman162 wrote 4 years ago

I totally agree with Frosty Moderator and wish I had a friend with a Vivid service.

Pardon my ignorance but I live well within the Vivid footprint but my mobile phone does not pick up the Vivid wireless signal at all. If it did it would be such a plus to boost confidence!

It seems ridiculous to have to buy the plan and the modem just to return it within the 14 days if it doesn't work!

I will buy into it because it's a great idea but only if I can measure a signal up front ..is that too much to ask? Heck I'm prepared to pay a service fee to establish if it will work or not!


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 4 years ago

Hi Ironman162,

The reason your mobile phone doesn't see anything is that these are two completely different technologies. Your mobile sees WiFi signals. vividwireless is a WiMAX signal. Different frequency and different protocols.


shadwolf wrote 3 years ago

@Frosty; If you got an Android device you can use Wi-Fi Scanner to check networks in the area, but this will only show broadcasting information about routers people have in use, however there is another app which is Open-Source for Android called Pcap Capture, and what this is, is it allows you to connect an external antenna device such as one that supports Wimax to your phone using an OTG USB cable and allows you to scan for broader range of wireless signals.

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