Outdoor router/antenna?


I was just wondering if you had any plans for a Outdoor router or antenna setup for a better signal gain?





Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

Thanks Graeme, good question. The answer is that I've not heard of anything like that at this stage.

As I understand it, the current Vivid gateway modem does not support an external antenna. However the overseas manufacturer does have another model which does support connecting of an external antenna (http://www.greenpacket.com/devices_EX_modem.html).

So perhaps, one day, Vivid might change the specs of the gateway modems they supply and make one like that available. From time to time I will be providing feedback to the Vivid team from the forums here, so I will make them aware of your interest.


X (not verified) wrote 8 years ago

Thanks for the feedback stephen




Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

Oh, one other thing I noticed when I was browsing the Green Packet website this morning (www.greenpacket.com) ... they also have an "outdoor modem" device, designed for external mounting (ref: http://www.greenpacket.com/gpsolutions/wimaxmodem/outdoor-keyfeatures.html). So maybe, one day, Vivid might offer this as an alternative modem option.


Chuen wrote 8 years ago

I have the home gateway and the signal strength is very poor and fluctuates. I have to keep my box outside to get a signal. An external antenna would be great.

Where I live I can't get adsl so vivid is fantastic, when I can get a connection.

If I bought a green packet modem, the one with the external antenna, and 2.3Ghz would it work with vivid wireless?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

Hi Chuen,
No, unfortunately it wouldn't be recognised by the Vivid network. You'd need to get something approved by Vivid for it to work.


VIVIDFAN wrote 8 years ago

I too am very interested in an external antenna due to living on the outskirts of the Perth signal range (Byford) I would be the first to buy a unit when one becomes available. Could you please advice us when one does? I'm wondering if it's worth starting a poll to see how many others would buy one?


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 8 years ago

I reckon it would be pretty popular (based on my experiences with Unwired, Vivid's sister company). But its down to the manufacturers to ensure that they include an external antenna connector on the modems. I'll certainly post here if I learn of one becoming available in the future, and can email people who have expressed an interest ... just keep in mind that this would require buying a new modem though.


lionslair wrote 6 years ago

Bump - Make it happen please.


Oddsoul wrote 5 years ago

If adding an external port for an antenna to the modem can increase the overall performance, I don't think price would be an option.

It would certainly provide a more robust network/connection for outer suburb people and even those in the metro area


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 5 years ago

Now that Optus own vividwireless, I think its unlikely that you will see an external antenna for the current range of modems/products. But maybe down the track we'll see them for a new range?

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