Request support for IPv6 to Vividwireless services

I would like to have this message forwarded on to technicians to provide this service with the availability of IPv6 support to consumers which is on big demand for some people.

20 years ago RFC1883, the RFC that formally defined IPv6, was published by the IETF. From 1996 till 2006 the 6bone existed and functioned as a testing ground for IPv6. Per 2006, which is now a decade ago, IPv6 has been available worldwide in production from a large variety of ISPs. During the last decade, IPv4 address space has also run out at most of the RIRs and most of the large Internet properties have enabled IPv6 on their services.

I ask that VividWireless as the ISP put in the support and use of IPv6 for the service that they provide. Many could adopt the use of Third-Party support of IPv6 such as SixXS but they're asking of users to contact their ISP's and tell them to support using IPv6 because they feel that ISP's use this as a free pass to not implement IPv6 support into their own services that they provide as they direct paying customers to their IPv6 services as a third-party support alternative.

I've been using SixXS for a few years now and it's been pretty good at offering that IPv6 support, however it should be the ISP's that should've implemented this to their own services which has been around for more than 20 years now, and there's literally no reason to not support it seeing as the pool for IPv4 addresses have peaked it's limit as more devices connect to the Internet everyday and IPv6 has way more addresses than IPv4 ever intended to have in the first place. It should be important to know that implementing Internet Protocol version 6 isn't that difficult.



Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 3 years ago

I'll ask about IPv6 for you and see what I can find out.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 3 years ago

Got an answer back, but it's not what you were hoping to hear.

There are no plans to support IPv6 for the short-to-medium term.

I expect this will change as older IPv4-only gear is gradually retired.

At my day job (I'm a sysadmin 9-5), we've talked about IPv6 for years, but haven't yet pulled the trigger on it. We use it in limited fashion with Microsoft's Direct Access technology, which allows remote clients to connect to our network edge via IPv4 and then tunnel IPv6 traffic into the network. IPv6 is supported in our internal DNS and I have to use it when I "manage out" to the remote clients. But we don't even have a proper IPv6 addressing scheme for our internal use yet and I tend to turn it off on PC/notebook network adapters.


shadwolf wrote 3 years ago

hmm I sort of anticipated this kind of response, but I hope this changes soon in the near future. While tunneling 6to4 is pretty simple to setup, it doesn't really feel like you're actually using real IPv6.

I took the time to do a little more searching into IPv6 address space and it's future of what it holds, this article here explains in the following;

- - - -
Do you think IPv6 in the home is as urgent as it is in the business network?

I think it's urgent in that if we don't get both protocols running at the same time, the day may come when there are servers that can only run IPv6, or there may be users who can only run IPv6 and couldn't get anything else, because the NAT boxes ran out.
- - - -

as well as discussing about further expanding the address base in the future like IPv7, 8 and/or 9 which don't currently exist since the focus is on getting people to switch over to using both IPv4 and IPv6 together, and I do believe it is important that IPv6 support is there world-wide by every ISP out there since they'll run into the issue as stated in that quote there where they will have to support use of IPv6 technology before that issue happens. It's impossible to put a timeframe on when it'll happen, it could happen any day, week, month or year, but when it does, it'll probably be very noticeable when people can no longer connect to the Internet or servers of a home and/or business.


Frosty-MODERATOR wrote 3 years ago

Just so I'm 100% clear, my "day job" isn't with vividwireless. I'm a systems administrator for a charity in Melbourne (about 120 staff).

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